Rajesh Bonam – Senior Creative Designer

Rajesh Bond is 27 years old and He is a web & graphic designer based in India with over 5 years of Studio Experience. Computers have been in his life since he was a child and He always loved anything related to pixels so He started to design at a very young age, most of his skills, and knowledge is self-taught.
He has a passion for designing detailed, creative, and modern websites & graphics, He is always keeping an eye on the latest trends over designing, typography, shapes, colors, etc.
He has been working as a web designer (studio) for over 5 years and has done lots of work over that time. His skills cover many aspects of graphic design, web design, illustration, and technical knowledge.

Here are a couple of Rajesh’s favorite projects!


The first version of the new CI Web Group Website

CI Web Group Website Design

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