Video Production and Marketing Advantages

Video Production and Marketing Advantages

Videos help you achieve compounding results.

In a marketing environment you want to measure the difference between simple interest investments and compound interest investments. A simple interest marketing investment would be to create a brochure, speak at conference, and pass out those brochures to an audience of 500 people. Then you would go home and hope your phone is going to ring, allowing you to make sales presentations. However marketing efforts with compounding interest will allow content to continue to work for you, even while you sleep, and will grow over time. For instance, if you were to record a video of your speaking engagement, and take that digital asset and put it on Youtube, and optimize it, it will continue to market and bring you new consumers, year over year, over year. It has a compounding interest impact on building your business, generating new leads and putting you in front of new prospects with no additional effort.

Videos help increase lead conversions.

When a new consumer comes your website, you have a couple of seconds to be able to convert them into potential prospects. A good digital marketing agency video with a good call-to-action, can allow you to connect, engage, and convert viewers. There are three different types of consumers. You have instant decision-makers, researchers who are more analytical, and you have fence sitters who are not necessarily going to make a decision today, tomorrow, or anytime. Videos on your website allow you to communicate your message faster, allowing viewers to make faster decisions. Video can help you take some of those researchers and fence sitters, and move them into an instant decision making mindset much quicker. The goal is to connect with viewers, engage with them, and ultimately convert them into new customers. By integrating powerful conversion techniques with conversion technologies found in Youtube, you can increase the volume of sales.

Video allows you to expand your digital footprint on Google.

In the world of digital marketing… Google is God… at least today it is. Because of that, Google has the ability to play favorites. One might suggest, since Google owns Youtube, they provide higher search rankings to websites with video content linked from Youtube. Whether that’s true or not, analysis has shown that Google does place a high value on video content, and it helps increase your website ranking, and helps drive traffic to your website.

Videos build social equity.

One of the most important elements of social media marketing is your social equity, which is your trust factor. How well are you trusted? How well are you liked? How well are you followed? Before the internet became what it is today, potential customers would ask for references. Today, you’re not going to get asked that question. Potential customers will simply go to the Internet and Google for your name, your brand, your product, your service, your sales professionals, and perhaps even your CEO. And they’re going to look at what Google and other people are saying. A video on Youtube can show the number of people following your video channel. It can show the number of people who have watched, and liked your video. Your video may be shared or linked to from other websites or social media accounts, providing valuable backlinks. All these things build your trust factor with Google and consumers, who care about how other people trust you. So allowing video and social media sites to show that trust will help improve your overall presence and credibility throughout your consumer base.

Video allow you to create a permanent digital asset.

When you invest in traditional advertising, you spend money hoping to get a return on your investment. Think about what you do when you receive advertising in the mail. Often, that print advertising will go straight to the recycling bin, without even being opened. However, video gives you a permanent asset on the web, for as long as you want. It will work for you, while you focus on other aspects of running your business. Your video will grow more powerful over time, because the number of views will grow, and the number of shares will grow. This means you have the potential of putting your business in front of new, potential customers, every day.

Video is incredible when it comes to reach.

Utilizing the power of Youtube, you now have access to potential customers around world. Youtube even allows you to subtitle your video in different languages. That’s pretty important when marketing to customers who don’t speak english.

Video allows you to save time and money.

Video allows you to replicate yourself, duplicate your message, and have a process that can reach people without your involvement.

Video creates sizzle.

Garbage in… Garbage out! There’s no doubt video can be a powerful part of any digital marketing campaign. However, if poorly produced, video can have a negative effect. It’s important to make sure you’re using someone that has experience and knows how to put together high quality, professional videos that has sizzle. Because essentially it’s no different than having an ugly, dysfunctional website. You want to put yourself in a position where instantaneously, people have a positive perception of your business. A well produced video will help project that you are bigger and better than your competition, and it helps you to play in the same field as companies who may be larger and have more resources than yours.

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