Connect your lead data to revenue

No more guessing ROI.

The Revenue Analytics dashboard tracks what drives dollars, not just clicks and leads, so you can quickly identify where revenue is getting stuck in your sales funnel.

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 SEO Performance

PPC Performance

Direct Performace

Your New Competitive Advantage

We highlight the KPIs that matter to track the value of your digital marketing.

Match Rate

The percentage of leads that match to a new opportunity in the CRM.

Paying Customer Rate

The percentage of leads that turn into sold or closed jobs.

Average Cost per Paying Customer

The amount of money spent to acquire a customer.

Return On Ad Spend

Shows the return based on jobs that have been completed.

Revenue Analytics

Data-driven insights to track each stage of the customer journey.

New vs. Existing Customer

Filter to new customers to see what jobs, revenue and tools bring in new customers.

Attribution Category

Filter by attribution category (Organic, PPC, etc.) to see the revenue flow for those categories.

Revenue by Zip Code

View revenue earned from different ad channels by zip code.

Ad Channel

Filter by channels like Google, Bing, and Facebook to see how well those channels are driving revenue.

Customer List

View customer information by ad channel, revenue, job type, & more.

Conversion Tool Performance

No more manual, time intensive ROI tracking. All tools and all revenue in one, simple view.