Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Your brand identity goes beyond a logo or a mascot, it’s who your business is to your customers. Does your business give an air of honesty & integrity or does it make visitors feel like your interests lie in bettering your community? Your website can convey all of that and more with a little bit of strategic planning. 

April 2022 Newsletter by CI Web Group

Deciding Your Brand Identity

First things first, what matters to you as the business owner? It can sometimes help to have a list so you can visually prioritize the ideals that matter most to you and your team. The most successful businesses find a passion and stick with it, creating a movement in the community. Social media and your website blog are great avenues to convey your current events and keep your customers in the loop.

Brand identity is the portrayal of who a company is told through Images Videos Text Design Feeling

This counts as all of the elements that are carried throughout the website and what that tells a consumer who is visiting you online. Brand identity is different from “brand image” and “branding,” though some people see them as synonyms. Brand is who the world sees you as, who you are to them.

Creating Your Brand Assets

We as consumers prefer to go onto a website and see real people that work in the business on their website. That’s why creating galleries, featured images, and videos are so incredibly important for business owners who are looking for conversion optimization. Many businesses decide to use outside resources for a more professional approach. That’s where CI Web Group, Inc. comes in!

We’ve got connections with media and photography companies on a global scale and will be happy to put together an action plan with a team that will come out to your location, shoot footage, and take high quality pictures that you can then use in your marketing and advertising. If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact us to discuss details and get a custom quote!

At CI Web Group Inc, we offer also professional SEO services!