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Fast Track Plans

Our 12 Step Fast Track plans bundle a website and a marketing plan to jumpstart your visibility online. Plans start at
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Enjoy having 24/7 customer support included in your website hosting and maintenance plan at no extra cost to you. To put in a website change request, just email

We Earn Your Business Daily

At CI Web Group, Inc. we don’t believe that you should be locked into a contract with us. You retain ownership of all your business assets, and delegate our team access, as needed.

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Your Business, Your Assets

As a company, we preach the importance of owning your business assets from day one. That means delegating, not giving logins to 3rd parties. When you choose to work with CI Web Group, Inc., we keep your assets safe in your hands, and even help you regain ownership, if needed. 

The CI Web Group Guarantee

We create frictionless and transparent experiences that produce results and help you claim back your valuable time so you can spend it with the ones you love. Our favorite lines from our customer reviews are: “I Love CI Web Group!” “They’ve mastered customer service!” and “We get results from their marketing programs”. 

Grow and Automate Your Business: We leverage data to craft tailored campaigns on your behalf that bring tangible sales figure increases month in and out. It’s not a story we say, it’s MATH!  With us by your side, we guarantee you will:

Work With
Industry Leaders

In addition to our 87 digital marketing experts (and counting!), we have an expert marketer with proven experience in each and every industry we work in.

Dominate Your

We won’t simply tell you about the latest updates before your competition gets a whiff, we will go ahead and implement them on your business for you in record time.

Love Your Experience
From Day One

Fall in love with an entirely done-for-you combination of services and strategy sessions while you steer your company to success.

The 12 Step Roadmap is a proven digital marketing strategy patented by CI Web Group.  Our roadmap creates accelerated results for service contractors, and other businesses seeking to market their business on and off the Internet. Our digital marketing strategies revolve around one main premise: Doing the right things, in the right order at the right time!  The 12 Step Road Map is not a secret formula. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We take great pride in being an open book. Our digital marketing strategies are openly presented and shared systematically through ongoing webinars, live events, blogs, videos, and 1-on-1 training. Our goal is to inform, empower and help you create time for the things that matter.

CI Web Group is the preferred digital marketing and web design company for some of the top manufacturers in the HVAC industry. We leverage cold, hard data to see exactly what you need to do to come out on top regardless of the combination of strategies you’ll ask us to work on. See some of our case studies, or better yet get your personalized action plan.


One of the things that our customers love the most is the easy to read and understand reporting that we offer. Our realtime reports make recognizing how CI Web Group is growing your business online easy to measure. Visually watch your progress, change the dates that you want to check out, and make educated decisions for your business. 

The 12 Step Roadmap is one of the most powerful tools in our disposal. It shows you exactly what needs to be done and in what order. At the end of the day, it’s a beautiful mosaic of proven strategies that generate tangible results for each and every one of our customers. Learn more about it here! Would you rather get our free 12 step training? Schedule a strategy instead.


We've recently expanded on our 12 Step Roadmap and included a new education system that is totally free to use. It has a bunch of valuable information that can help guide a business owner in the right direction. 

We've also created the 12 Step Fast Track plan that allows you to get down to the nitty gritty and get results as quickly as possible. We trim the fat and go straight for getting you ranked as high as possible on search. 

That's why our mission is to help you secure more eyeballs on your offers than your next biggest competitor. We believe that you deserve a chance to shine regardless of your craft or budget. That's the reason why we developed a tried and tested process that's guaranteed to dominate your competition once and for all, regardless of your industry. That's also the reason why we're partnered with some of the biggest corporate players for years, held over 250+ live training events throughout the nation and serve over 1,200 clients on a monthly basis.

It all starts with a strategy session. We need to see where you are, so we can draw up a reliable action plan for the future. Our work revolves around 3 main pillars, that’s why it’s almost impossible to not get the results you need. Where you are - Where you want to go - How will you get there. Magic’s almost always in the numbers! Schedule your strategy session here.

Yes. For better or worse that’s the truth. Not only do coders have much different personalities and skill sets compared to project managers or creative folks like designers and writers, but if this wasn’t the case we would be out of a job. Jokes aside, there’s a great deal of tasks, skill sets, and very specific best practices involved to get your website live. Post-launch, you need to have at least: one developer, one graphic designer, one writer on your team, one SEO person for on-page SEO, one for off-page, one lady or gentleman to handle your local listings, one to manage your social media pages, one email marketing expert to handle your newsletters and the list goes on and on and on. Not to mention that our account management team is crucial and connects all the dots on your behalf.

A strategy session sheds light on your current circumstances, as well as those of your biggest competitors. We uncover the data that will lead you to success and then we explain to you how we’ll make it happen. One step at a time. We also go over what you can expect from us in terms of proof of progress, proof of work, and leads generation (reporting and call tracking etc.). 

We recommend taking advantage of our free strategy sessions because that is where you will receive your recommended action items for the quarter. It's not all about spending more money! Our help desk makes most website changes for you for free. 

CI Web Group truly partners up with our customers so we can both succeed. We'd love to be your Electric, Plumbing, and/or HVAC Marketing Agency!

We recommend a strategy session so we can create a market forecast and give you an estimate on how long it will take your website to rank for individual phrases. The answer is based on the number of competitive results for each phrase, your website’s starting point, the plan you choose to get on, and how much your competition is doing.

Most home services contractors opt into an SEO Plan as their preferred new customer acquisition source. Ranking on page one of Google is the best way to drive down your cost per lead. Paid campaigns tend to cost more and lead to less conversions than organic measures. The reason why is that the majority of consumers do not click on ads, so when you use them as your primary lead source, you can only get a small percentage of the market share.