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Love Us or Leave Us

CI Web Group is a leading digital marketing agency in the local business sector that operates in full transparency with everything that we do. Unlike many other marketing companies out there, we have a “Love us or Leave us” policy, meaning we earn your business everyday, not lock you into a contract that creates endless hassle. 

Preferred Digital Marketing Agency

We are the preferred digital marketing agency for many of the nation’s most popular HVAC manufacturers such as Goodman, Amana, and Day & Night. While we have strong footholds in the HVAC Marketing world, we create websites for all types of local businesses. From plumbers and electricians to family law and doctors, CI Web Group does it all. 

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We Focus on Data

Our focus is always on the data. We are all a bunch of nerdy analytics specialists here, but we’re really good at getting results. There’s so many tools on the market that allow us to see search volume and competition. They help us diagnose where to put our efforts. There’s no guess work involved. 

You Own Your Assets

Another thing that is really unique about CI Web Group is that we give you access to our project management system so you can actually talk with our SEO team, see real-time reports, and take a part in your project. Likewise, for Google Ads, you get full access to your Ads account and can even make changes yourself, if needed. Our customers really appreciate that they always have full ownership of their assets like their Google My Business, their domain, social media, website, etc.

Strategy Sessions 

We know there’s a lot to process when it comes to creating your digital marketing plan. Have you chosen your brand colors, created an eye-catching logo, or optimized your website for Google?

To get you started, our team is happy to give you a free strategy session in which you’ll receive recommended action items for the quarter based on what we know about your business and industry. 

Experienced Experts

We’ll help you understand where you are with your website, where you want to go, and how to get there. CI Web Group has a team of skilled experts to assist in getting your website off the ground and in the hands of prospective customers. With our knowledge-base, we’re able to call out any digital marketing strategies that will work particularly well for you.

12-Step Roadmap

Furthermore, you’ll see amazing results when we implement our 12-step roadmap. This includes branding, content writing, and conversion systems—just to name a few. By using these proven strategies, we can guide you through any of the essential missing pieces your website needs and increase the leads you receive.

With CI Web Group, you can feel confident that you are on the right track. So contact us today for your free strategy session!

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CI Web Group’s Digital Marketing Services

Doing Things in the Right Order at the Right Time

Local SEO

Boost your website on search engines so more people can find you when they are looking for something they need. Get transparent reporting and access to your project in our system so you can see everything with your own eyes. For businesses whose products and services already have search demand, this is the marketing activity that will bring the most conversions at the lowest cost per lead. If you are a HVAC, plumbing, electric, roofing, or general contractor -- this is where you should invest first.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Whether you're ready to dominate the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or just needing to get a boost of business, we offer comprehensive paid ads through Google. Our management fee includes the creation of landing pages, call tracking lines, conversion tag setups, and the general management of campaigns. The PPC department at CI Web Group is well-known for getting the lowest Cost Per Conversion in the home services industry. To put it nicely, we're ruthless and don't stop pushing to improve - ever.

eCommerce SEO

Rank nationwide for the products that your website is selling. Our team creates a custom search engine optimization plan that is specifically for your business. We write content that Google loves and blogs to drive authority to those pages. Back linking and off-page articles really drive home the importance of this page to search engine bots, getting you the results you need in less time. Experience the difference when you work with a Google-certified team of SEO experts at CI Web Group.

Social Media

The social media plans that we offer are extremely flexible. Whether you want some generic posting or fully custom animation, our team does it all. Our team is excellent at delving into the data and seeing what works and what doesn't. More importantly, we are able to present that data to you in a way that will make you feel comfortable and happy with the results. If you are just starting out and don't have a business social media brand, we highly recommend a social media strategy session.

Link Building

If you're just looking for links and would like to do your own optimization, we offer plans that can help you with that too. Our prices are fractions of what you'll find online from other authority builders. That's because we work directly with the source. We offer discounts for monthly plans versus one-time purchases, so it pays off quickly working with our team! You can purchase either off-page articles or inserted links. We'll take care of any necessary content writing that you may need.

Content Creation

Content is the backbone of everything online, it's what gets people interested. It doesn't just stop at words on a page though. Our team creates custom graphics, .gifs, videos, animation, and puts it to life on your website and social media. Websites are not just static pages to scroll through anymore, they can create entire stories through visuals! We can also help with SEO content, conversion content, product & services content. The CI Web Group team is quite versatile in our content capabilities.

No Long Term Contracts

When you choose to work with CI Web Group, Inc., you’re choosing to work with a team of experts as invested with your business as you are. As a company that just doesn’t do long-term contracts, we are dedicated to earning your business every day that you choose to work with us.

Digital Marketing Experts


We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategy, digital marketing consulting, digital marketing lead generation, digital market research services, and digital performance management. Our team takes every customer’s results seriously, with each project being monitored closely for progress. Whether you’re needing SEO, advertising, social media, or even a new website, Professional SEO services. can help!

Full Transparency in Digital Marketing


We put your HVAC digital strategies into practice every day, through our marketing services that span numerous acquisition channels. As a digital marketing agency, our philosophy is to operate on full transparency at all times. We understand the importance of digital marketing success, and we are here to ensure you get what you want out of your investment while staying informed through the entire process.

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency


CI Web Group, Inc. is a digital marketing agency that doesn’t do contracts. If you don’t love our work and your results, you are free to cancel your services at any time. You retain full ownership of all of your business assets, just delegate us access!

Our agency will guide you every step of the way, so whether it’s for digital marketing strategies or digital marketing research, rest assured you are in good hands!

As a business owner who is dedicated to growing your company, you don’t stop working at 5. Website changes are oftentimes the last thing on your mind during your operational hours, and we totally understand! That’s why our help desk and customer service are open 24/7 at We want to support you in all of your business needs round-the-clock.

Our Team


The CI Web Group, Inc. team is full of experienced digital marketers who are extremely passionate about digital marketing. We are the digital marketing agency that empowers our team to be great! This means we pay our team members fair wages, offer benefits such as medical, vision, and dental, as well as offer a profit-sharing program, where at the end of the year everyone gets a bonus based on the number of years they’ve been with CI Web Group, Inc.

Why Does CI Web Group, Inc. Have Exponential Growth Year Over Year?


We truly believe that it is due to our amazing team. Everyone shows up, suits up, and participates. Every single team member wants to come to work in the morning and has a passion for what we do. We hire regularly but have one of the industry’s lowest employee churn rates at about one team member per year. Having strong customer advocates who form genuine relationships with our customers keeps our company in a wonderful balance.

Transparent Relationships


As a digital marketing agency that does not do long-term contracts, our business model is quite different than many of our competitors, but that’s why we excel in the digital marketing industry. It takes quite a bit to stand out, but with our white glove service, expertise in integrating customer technology, and excellent SEO services, CI Web Group, Inc. has become one of the leading digital marketing agencies!

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SEO Services


The ultimate goal for any business that offers a product or service that already has a demand for it, is to rank on page one of Google. As a digital marketing agency, we are well-versed in getting organic rankings for our customers so they can increase the number of quality leads that are finding them online. When you’re ranked online, your cost per lead goes down dramatically, so most business owners factor that into their long-term plan!

Social Media Services


Being consistent on social media can prove difficult for a lot of businesses, especially with limited time and marketing ideas. Our team is great at working with you to generate social content that will be engaging to your audience, and we can find the right platforms where you’ll be most effective. We will keep track of every post made – like, share, or comment- to make sure that your digital marketing efforts are producing results.

Advertising Services


One of the main goals for digital marketing is also digital advertising. We know that SEO will bring the lowest new customer acquisition costs, but we also know that search engine optimization takes time. Paid ads should be done until there are rankings or when the search volume is low and every lead counts. With digital advertising, we can get you to your audience in an efficient and effective way!

12 Step Fast Track Ad | CI Web Group

Web Design


If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that is reliable and creative, look no further than CI Web Group, Inc.! We’ll provide you with digital strategy ideas, digital performance management solutions, digital market research services, digital marketing consulting – all in one place! We’ll help you build your build a website that your traffic loves and actually wants to convert with. Our website projects take anywhere from 1-3 months, depending on how quickly we can get approvals from your team.

Template Websites


If you choose to purchase a template website or go with our Entry or Basic Fast Track plans which include a free RAD template website, your project timeline will be much shorter! These fast-loading, conversion-driven websites are perfect for start-ups and smaller businesses that don’t have the time or resources to put towards a custom website. Plus, these sites are FAST on mobile as they don’t have as much to load.

Custom Websites


Our custom websites are focused on creating a brand story through gorgeous visuals that you and your customers will love! These fully decked-out websites are sure to amaze even the pickiest business owners as they are fully custom to your wants and needs. During your project launch, you’ll talk things through with your dedicated project manager who will be your advocate and the go-between you and our website design and development team.

24/7 Help Desk and Customer Service


Your website doesn’t close at 5 PM, changes and adjustments shouldn’t stop either. If you’ve got urgent changes that need to be made, our Help Desk is open 24/7 at We’d be happy to help you make changes to your website! When you have CI Web Group, Inc. host and maintain your website, there are no costs for changes or upkeep on your site.

The Preferred Digital Marketing Agency


CI Web Group, Inc. is the preferred digital marketing agency for many of the world’s leading manufacturers in the home services industries, but we do so much more than that. We’ve got experience in medical, law, local municipalities, and many types of local businesses. Our company has been in business since 2005, and has been making the magic happen ever since!

Who is CI Web Group, Inc.?


CI Web Group is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses across North America bring customers to their digital platforms with the goal of building customer acquisition cost savings. We don’t believe that you should have to pay for search engine marketing or digital advertising when you should be focusing on what got you to where you are today – your business. The digital world is changing at light speed, so you’re digital strategies must be flexible. We believe in building for the long term, not throwing together a quick digital effort that will fall flat after 6 months.

How Do You Get Started?


Give us a call or request a free digital evaluation to get started today!

Don’t forget to check out our digital marketing blog for more digital tips and digital trends. We’re always adding in new articles so check back often. You can also filter by what you’re looking for. Topics like digital marketing, digital ads, digital strategy, and more are all there for you to peruse. Our digital blog is a little corner that we’ve created on the web to help businesses like yours keep up with digital marketing trends and digital tools of the trade.

CI Web Group, Your Digital Marketing Agency


As a digital marketing agency, we take pride in performing the best possible marketing services for your business online. We offer a wide range of services, as shown above, but more than that, it’s our processes, transparency, and honesty that have helped us grow in the last 20 years. Our customer churn rate is extremely low at just 0.58% year to date because we love the work that we do, and as a digital marketing agency, our success is your success. We’re here to help you grow online!

Our Marketing Services


We offer digital marketing services including SEO management, social media management, PPC advertising, local services ads (Google Guaranteed), review acquisition, local listings, eCommerce services, SEO for plumbers, and much more! Ask us how we can help your business grow. It would be our pleasure!

Frequently Asked Question For Digital Marketing Agency

A online marketing agency is a company that takes up the responsibility of marketing your products through digital mediums.

It analyses and carefully chooses various platforms for marketing and uses SEO Optimization, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, and so on to develop results for your brand.

It is necessary for businesses that do not have the know-how to expand their business in the digital world.

A digital marketing agency offers a range of services that all contribute to the growth of your brand digitally. 

But, according to reports and statistics, SEO Optimization and Email Marketing have had the highest ROIs to date.

SEO is still one of the cheapest ways to boost your website's reach, and it drives 1000%+ more traffic than social media(source). 

Email marketing does require a little more investment than SEO, but it's still reliable and effective for your brand presence and conversion.


Choosing a digital marketing agency for your brand might not be that complicated. You just need to go over some steps and follow the facts and statistics.

  • Check out the agency's experience, previous campaigns, certifications, and qualifications. 
  • Consider your budget and needs before hiring an agency. 
  • Check online reviews of that agency, and read customer testimonials.
  • Ask for inclusion in the whole campaign so you remain updated.


We are! CI Web Group is a renowned name in digital marketing for local businesses. 

We specialize in all areas of digital marketing and provide services like website creation, SEO Optimization et cetera.

CI Web Group has tie-ups with some prominent brands of the country and has consolidated its position as the top digital marketing agency. We have professional technicians and handle our clients with the utmost care. 

Digital Marketing can have a lot of positive implications for your business. It not only offers very high ROIs but also enhances your brand's image.

With digital marketing services, you can have a global outreach and contact with similar brands in the global market.

Also, if done right, digital marketing can boost your revenues by a huge margin and bring significant profits.

Moreover, business marketing is an affordable process, so you can save money in the long run and instead invest it in your business.

Measuring digital marketing ROI can be done through various metrics. It requires complex calculations and analysis performed by experienced marketers only. 

However, you can get a broad understanding through these metrics.

  • Lead-To-Close Ratio
  • Unique Monthly Visitors
  • Cost-per-Acquisition
  • Return on Ad Spend
  • Customer Lifetime Value


It depends on the expertise of the agency and your needs. An agency that is starting might charge way less than the experienced ones.

Whereas the experienced agencies leverage their experience and charge more. On average, agencies can charge $2000+ per month.

If it is calculated in hourly rates, it can be around $50+ per hour. The maximum it can go to is $500 per hour.