Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is how you get your business in front of consumers that are needing your products or services. It’s what makes or breaks a company in today’s world. If you are not an option where consumers are looking, you will not grow your business. 

CI Web Group has been an hvac marketing company since the early 2000’s, making a name for ourselves in the home service industry in the 2010’s. We are passionate about every job that our team takes on, giving the utmost care and treating our customers like they are family. All of our customers know us by name! In fact, the majority of our business comes from referrals. 

Enough about us, let's get into the fun stuff. Digital Marketing!

SEO Keywords are Beacons for your Brand

With digital assistants (like Siri and Alexa) everywhere, typed keywords are being outpaced by spoken key phrases (also known as long-tailed keywords) that prospective buyers use as search engine instructions. These keywords can be included anywhere: titles, headlines, subheads, body copy, captions, and even video and image file names. 

"Hey Google!" Alexa!" Siri!"

These keywords make your website visible to search bots. We leverage the most cutting-edge on and off-page SEO practices to rank your website higher than your competition, no questions asked. The exact number of keywords depends on your results time frame, and your budget of course. Based on our local SEO experience, most customers tend to break even month 4-6 with their investment, and from there it exponentially rises making both you and us more profitable.

Ready to Get Found on Google?

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Monthly SEO Content Updates Attract Search Engines

Well-written body copy interwoven with properly researched keywords is vital for determining the relevance of your website. Constantly crawling for fresh content, when searchbots find new and good quality content, they rate your site as relevant and valuable enough to be included in the search engine results. As a result, better search engine visibility means higher organic search page rankings, driving more traffic to your website using digital marketing.

Digital Marketing: What’s Up with Websites?

In general, websites should be updated at least once a month and redesigned every 1-2 years or so. As cyber technology is progressing at a rapid pace, refreshing your website keeps it up to date with the latest developments, keeping pace with newly-issued search engine algorithms and attracting increasingly ‘picky’ searchbots.

A ranking system that predicts how high a domain is likely to rank in a search, domain authority (DA) is an easy way of seeing how Google ranks websites. Although its algorithms are shrouded in mystery, with little information on how or why specific websites rank for certain keywords, Google nevertheless shares its best practices and their ranking factors.

The most accurate portrait of your search results, domain authority is scored from worst to best on a scale of 1 to 100. Using an innovative algorithm, this scale makes it easier to improve your score if your domain authority is hovering around 25. A score of around 50 is average, with up to 60 viewed as good; anything higher than this is excellent. Consequently, there’s a direct correlation between high DA scores and higher rankings.

However, acquiring backlinks from high domain authorities is no easy task.  Steered by stringent editorial standards, high DA websites will link your business only if you are publishing top-quality copy with inherent value for their audiences. With over 200 ranking factors, strong links are a major step towards boosting your website search ranking, with higher traffic.

Local Listings

Local listings keep your business visible on the Internet, especially as many local business indexes share company data. Every new listing drives traffic to your website by stepping up your chances of prospective customers clicking on your link. See, digital marketing really makes sense once you begin dissecting it!

What is Needed for Local Listings?

Although often specializing in a particular business category or geographical location, other business directories – like Yelp, Yahoo and Foursquare – are general and even global. Today, Google is investing heavily in the local business sector, through its Local Listings, which include local business directories. Not a complicated task, polishing up your directory citation is time well-spent. After choosing the correct categories for your business, check that your street address and phone numbers are accurate. Add a long and well-written description that includes keywords and links, making sure that it is properly formatted. Upload as many photographs as possible, adding a keyword to each filename, for extra searchbot attraction.

Keep Clean Data Online

A word of warning here: it’s vital to make sure that all your corporate data is updated, accurate and identical in every directory, to avoid disappointing search results. As this detailed information is probably spread across hundreds of citations, smart business owners usually outsource this time-consuming task to hvac online marketing experts.

Social Media Marketing Opens Up New Markets

Knowing your target customers is vital.  And feeding them a steady stream of irresistible social media content is the best way to keep them interested in your goods and services, commenting and sharing your posts.

What Should you Publish?

By publishing inviting content on your profiles, you encourage your followers to engage with your brand, listening to their views (both positive and negative!), replying promptly, building up your database and steering the design, placement and timing of your advertisements.

What’s Popular on Social Media

As our society emerges into a post-pandemic world, the most popular social media are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Snapchat. With the help of a tuned-in digital marketing agency, it’s crucial to pick the platforms most likely to attract your target buyers.

Results Reporting Keeps You on Track to Success

All this hard work is of little value, without effective ways of measuring progress, weighing value and spotlighting areas where your marketing actions need extra attention in order to reach your goals. Thanks to sophisticated marketing tools, all this data can be broken down by target audience, specific campaigns, lead conversion, web analytics and many other factors. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

This is where marketing reports are worth their weight in gold. Depending on your budget and needs, they can range from raw data in a simple spreadsheet through to attention-grabbing presentations packed with trend-spotting graphs and far-sighted forecasts drawn up by experts.

Some of these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime values; landing page and mobile traffic conversion rates; and social media performance overviews.

Talk to the Marketing Experts

Yes, it’s a lot to absorb. And this is only the briefest of glimpses into all the online marketing tools, techniques and technologies available today, bringing your company within a click of thousands of new customers.

So if you’d like to grow your business by fast-tracking real-life sales through virtual branding and traffic-driving actions, call our team today.

Loyalty Programs Keep Customers Coming Back

Everyone appreciates a little recognition. And rewarding customer loyalty is one of the easiest ways of keeping consumers faithful to your brand, products and services.

Reach Customers on a Personal Level

Personalized messages are great ways of showing that your business really cares for its potential and current customers, through birthday cards, special day congratulations and seasonal greetings. Using contact data drawn from your landing pages, shopping carts and mailing lists, regular marketing campaigns fire on automatic schedules, showcasing your business through a wide variety of channels.

Keep your Brand Relevant

For local businesses – particularly home services contractors with customer contacts that are up close and personal – customized gifts keep your company name front and center in customers’ lives. Pens, diaries, calendars, deskware and drinkware mean that your 24/7 hotline is always in plain sight.

Remarketing with Pixels Keeps You in the Spotlight

A great way of enhancing awareness of your brand, remarketing uses a pixel (an invisible code fragment that saves visitors’ cookies to your home page list) to reconnect with people who have interacted previously with your website. By strategically showcasing your ads, this strategy reminds visitors to make their purchases.

Fine-Tune the Sales Funnel

Costing only a fraction of a standard Pay per Click (PPC) campaign, remarketing is one of the most efficient ways of fine-tuning relationship funnels and pursuing sales. Invisible to visitors exploring your website, these pixels offer the possibility of reminding visitors of your services, goods and website content. This paves the way for return visits, streamlining interactions between casual visitors and your websites or campaigns.

Reviews Acquisition Offers Precious Insights

Priceless as virtual word-of-mouth recommendations, reviews are useful in several other ways. Prompt feedback on complaints reassures customers that your business stands behind the quality of its goods and services. Negative reviews are also a no-cost way of highlighting points for improvement.

What’s the Strategy?

This is where a review acquisition strategy can maximize the number of reviews you earn each year. And while stepping up your own reviews, monitoring competitor evaluations opens up a treasure chest of data, revealing valuable information on the strengths, weaknesses, fears and frustrations of your competition.

Use it to Your Advantage

More than just showing you what your competitors’ customers likes and dislikes, you can also glean details of their leads and sales, together with the risks and benefits that attract and discourage buyers. By exploring the knowledge and sophistication of their target markets, you can tweak your advertising to appeal more specifically to these consumers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media are effective tools for reaching out to potential and current customers, enhancing brand awareness, burnishing your reputation and showcasing your goods and services. The most popular channels today are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. However, many niche forums may focus more tightly on your target consumers, with higher link, visit and conversion rates.

Social Media Engagement

Engagement is the name of the game in social media: informative content, interesting blogs, up-to-the-minute graphics and top-quality photographs and videos are all hooks that attract followers and fans. It’s important to set metric-based goals that are realistic and can be adjusted regularly.

Why Should You Use Social Media

 One of the main advantages of social media marketing is its flexibility. By regularly measuring responses through indicators such as clicks, leads and sales, savvy business managers can get the biggest possible bang for their marketing bucks.

Pay Per Click Campaigns Bring in More Leads

In contrast to traditional advertising, with expensive ads and long-term placement agreements, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is quick to design, with fast placement in multiple locations. Better still, it’s cheap and easy to change, when metrics indicate that an ad is underperforming.

An interesting sidelight is that people are more than twice as likely to click on an ad on a mobile device, instead of a desktop. So simply making sure that your ads look good on smartphones as well as laptops instantly doubles your chances of earning clicks.

Making the best use of every cent in your marketing budget, PPC campaigns mean you pay only for ads that really interest your target markets. And with a CALL NOW! button, people casually browsing the Internet can quickly turn into prospective customers.

Pay Per Lead Advertising Maximizes Publicity Budgets

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 Although not directly bringing in profits, leads are a crucial first step along the sales channel. Leads can be generated by visitors signing up for some kind of benefit or savings at no cost. These forms provide marketing managers with valuable information on potential buyers.

A well-designed signup form includes field seeking data ranging from age to education, marital status and even financial aspects. Stored in a database, all this information underpins more effective responses to leads. In fact, studies have shown that lead nurturing can increase sales by 50%, and with far larger individual purchases as well.

This is why cost-effective PPL campaigns are vital for any business, underpinned by a strong lead generation strategy.