Online Scheduling System

Online Scheduling System

Customer Retention Made Simple

Having the ability to manage current clients is just as important as bringing in new customers. What are you doing to stay in front of them, keep relevant in their world? Successful companies often use email & text and digital marketing to relay new specials for financing or manufacturer rebates. 

With our Online Scheduling System, manage your contacts with convenient tags so you know exactly which group each customer falls into. Market to entire lists of contacts versus sending individual emails. 

As a Contractor, How Can I Use This Tool?

We’ve seen a lot of SEO use this for keeping up with their preventative maintenance plan subscriptions. They will send out reminders as it gets closer to the season along with requests to schedule their tune ups. Make beautiful, clean email marketing templates that you can send out to entire lists of contacts.

Keeping your customers focused on system maintenance during the shoulder season reduces the strain during slower months as well as helps even out your work load during the busy season, leaving you to focus on higher ticket items. The Online Scheduling System can also allow your staff to take online payments on virtual appointments, reducing the overhead costs of driving all across town, and allowing you to schedule more jobs in a shorter time frame. Up your customer service game!

What Does Scheduling an Appointment Look Like?

Make Customer Retention Easy

Yes, you will need to log in to either the app on your phone or tablet, or you can log in on your computer. Once you are logged in, you can accept appointments, reply to the message, and organize the customer’s profile within your CRM so you can later include them in the email campaigns that are applicable.

You will receive incoming requests to your email and the mobile application, if you choose to download it. Just a couple clicks and you are done! Whether you are under a house or fishing on the lake – it’s that easy to organize your team.

We replace all the forms in your website with forms that tie directly into the Online Scheduling System. Every lead that fills out a form with automatically be saved in your contacts, just add a tag or two and you’re done!

Absolutely! You can create customer lists that you want to send a certain message to, style the campaign to your liking, then pull the trigger to send them out in bulk.

One time payments can be done through a Stripe or Paypal account.

The system has a built in process that integrates easily with your messaging to your clients.

You can offer your client your best day and time easily through the system. Plus, if you sync the system with your preferred online calendar, you can prevent double booking of appointments easily.

The back office has a great campaign feature that allows you to “Tag” your customers in groups so you can message a community with a couple of clicks.

In your back office settings, you can create your meeting types and choose if you want to meet people on virtual meetings.

Yes it can. Once you get connected, every time a transaction is made by one of your clients they will automatically sync in both accounts.

Yes, the platform sync with Google Analytics, making the completed forms able to be set up as goal conversions.

Online Scheduling System

One Time Set Up Fee of $149
  • One Account User
  • Contact Relationship Management
  • Billing & Invoices Online
  • Online Scheduling & Payments
  • Business Calendar
  • Send Automated Campaigns
  • Campaign Recipients - 5000 Customers
  • Online Coupons
  • Facebook & Reserve with Google Integration
  • Online Lead Capturing Widget
  • Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns
  • Automate Reminders
  • SMS Notifications & Reminders
  • Monthly SMS Credit - 250
  • Installation and Training Session
  • Help Desk/Support as needed
  • Google Analytics, Quickbooks & Zapier integration
* Taxes and fees may apply
Online Scheduling System | CI Web Group

Online Scheduling System

or as we like to call it, "The OSS"

Build a business you’re proud of.

Manage clients, appointments & payments from one single app.

  • Clients: Build lasting relationships with client cards that guarantee you never forget a name, a face, or an opportunity.
  • Appointments: Get your services booked in a snap from your website, Facebook, or directly from Google search.
  • Reminders: Bulletproof your calendar with automated SMS reminders that keep clients on time.
  • Payments: Collect like Don Corleone (but nicer) with actionable invoices and friendly payment reminders.
  • Campaigns: Engage & upsell clients with interactive widgets, promotions, and coupons.