Online Scheduler System Onboarding and Training

Online Scheduler System Onboarding and Training

Online Scheduler Onboarding (OSS) and Training

Meet Your New Virtual Online Assistant!

Have you recently signed up for the Online Scheduling System? Onboarding is really easy and we will help! We suggest watching through these short videos to get up to speed, then we’ll book a time to get our action plan in place. Enjoy sending out email and text campaigns, taking payments, and scheduling online!

Onboarding Form

Welcome and great job on getting to step 3 on the 12 Step Road Map!! Please take a moment to complete the onboarding form so our OSS team can configure your account to provide the best version of your company’s needs and goals.

Link to Onboarding Form – Click Here

Time Zone, Notifications

Take a moment and get your settings correct for your company. Set your profile. Confirm your time zone and preferred  schedule with times you want to be available. Set your notifications with email signature and cell in place.

OSS Versions

Short video to show you the versions of the OSS we have seen with various customers. You can let us know which version(s) work best for your company.

Meeting Types & Settings

Each meeting type created can have different settings. Your service meetings in your customer’s home will require some buffer drive time versus a quick phone meeting or virtual meeting.

Online Payments

Setting up your payment processor is easy. Options include Square, Stripe, or Pay pal. The OSS payment portal will take one time payments, is accurate and secure. If you need recurrent payments we can discuss other solutions.

Customer List Import

Prepare your customer list for import and get ready for great ways to reach out to your customers! After service calls ask for google reviews, send out new rebate or promotions. Show that you care and educate on a new service you provide.

Sample Customer List Import Document:

Quick Messaging To Groups (Tags)

Easily reach out to specific groups in your database, including recent new leads, VIP customers, past installations, maintenance customers, long term customers, referral partners, etc.

Busy? Meet Your New Assistant!!

The basics on how to use the system when you receive a meeting request. Not stationary very often, no worries, just download the mobile app version, login, and take your virtual online assistant with you everywhere you go.

Campaign Set Up

The campaign feature is simple to use, quick, and a great way to get a focused message to your customers or prospects. Use to help build your Reviews on your Google Business Listing, Facebook. Message to specific groups rebates, promotions available. Here is your chance to get creative, share a great story with your customers, and give support needed by your community.

Campaign Strategy

Here we review the potential uses of the campaign system and give you some ideas to use for your company’s future campaigns.

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