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SEO companies are a dime a dozen, so it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. CI Web Group, Inc. was founded in 2005 and has been performing SEO services ever since. When we first started, we already knew how to execute our SEO plans, and do it well, but we had so many competitors that it was hard to stand out.

How is CI Web Group, Inc. different?

After many years of listening to our customers, colleagues, and even other SEO companies, it became clear that there was a huge push in the industry for long-term contracts, which oftentimes offered low flexibility and no visibility into the work and progress being made.

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No Contracts

CI Web Group, Inc. to be a month-to-month, no-contract digital marketing agency. We always say, "Love us or leave us, it's your business, your choice!".

Full Visiblity

Unlike many other SEO companies, CI Web Group, Inc. offers full visibility into your SEO project. You can monitor SEO results and track SEO progress daily, weekly, monthly... any time you want!

Own Your Assets

Additionally, you keep all of your business's assets like your domain, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and social media accounts. We want to see your progress!

SEO Companies on Industry Evolution

The SEO industry is constantly evolving. Google is always changing its algorithm to provide the best search results for its users. SEO companies must stay up to date with SEO trends, SEO techniques, SEO tools, SEO best practices, and SEO recommendations. SEO companies that do not adapt will be left behind.

Staying up-to-date in the industry

CI Web Group, Inc. is up to date on the latest SEO news and SEO information. We stay ahead of the curve, making plans to implement as soon as the news release hits. Within hours of completing our research, we have our SEO team making the needed changes.

Looking for Fair-priced SEO Companies?

SEO companies should provide their SEO services at fair prices. SEO is a very competitive industry and CI Web Group, Inc. offers affordable prices that make working with us a no-brainer. Our prices also differ by industry because the work will not be the same for all types of companies. For instance, the work for a hospital will greatly differ than that of a lawn maintenance company. 

Why Work With CI Web Group, Inc.?

Through our excellent work, high transparency, and superior customer service, we have grown to be one of the top names in the home services marketing industry. We have been the preferred digital marketing agency for Goodman and Amana since 2013, but also have experience in many other industries from medicine to law firms, we’ve done it all!

What to look for in SEO companies

When you start searching for SEO companies, you should be aware of the length of their contracts. If they lock you in at high monthly rates for long periods of time, RUN! SEO Companies that are doing things the right way simply don’t need gimmicks and contracts to keep business. You should stay with a marketing company because you like them, not because you have to.

Starting Your SEO Plan

So how do you start an SEO project? Firstly, we need to take a look at your website and SEO goals, and then we begin the work. There are times when we need a new website developed in order to be successful with the project. In that case, we recommend our 12 Step Fast Track Plans. Each of these plans includes a free website!

All SEO Plans do not Need a New Website

If we run our reports and your website comes back with changes that our team can make without a brand new website, we move forward with just an SEO plan. Trust us, we would much rather do that, if possible ESPECIALLY since we give our websites away for free! Our IT team will need access to your website in order to verify our next steps.

We Back Our Work!

We, here at CI Web Group, Inc., take pride in being upfront and honest with our valued customers. If your plan needs to be changed, or there’s something our team can be doing better, we take full ownership. We’re not happy if you’re not happy! The CI Web Group, Inc. team is well-known in the industry for our white glove services. 

Real-time Reporting for SEO

Let’s talk about your real-time reporting. This is one of the most valuable sources of information that is included with your SEO plan. Most SEO companies will send you a  list of keywords and their rankings, and not much else. We are dedicated to giving you the full picture by presenting your Google Analytics in a way that shows a story of the data.

Check Out This real-time Report!

Below, we have a report that shows the data for an HVAC company in Texas. This is a dynamic report, so it updates on its own, the link never changes. The information comes directly from Google Analytics and is easily accessible by your entire team without having to log in.

Understanding Organic Traffic

As you can see, there is data on all website traffic as well as just organic traffic. For clarification, organic traffic is traffic that comes in from a search engine. So, in the case of this HVAC business, there are users that find them by searching for things like “HVAC Companies Near Me” or “AC Repair”. It’s important to track this data over time so you can see your progress and compare it to what is shown in your customer database.

Tips for SEO

The Content, the Better

SEO Companies also do a lot of content writing. From service pages to the blogs that build internal links to them, there's a huge demand for content if you're wanting to be found online in the organic search results. All of our SEO plans include content, and if you'd like to be found faster, we can also add additional pages to your plan.

No Cheap Backlinks!

The goal is to get you found as quickly as possible, without hurting the quality of your website's online reputation. It's not always as simple as going on Fiverr and buying 100 backlinks! That being said, we also tend to run into this issue a lot where well-meaning SEO companies or singular marketers try to go the cheap route with their link-building tactics.

Remove Toxic Links

During the first couple of months of your SEO project, our team is doing a lot of research. These diagnostics include checking your backlinks for low-quality links, or unnatural links. When we find them, we perform a link disavowal. This is submitting a list to Google that has domains you don't wish to be associated with so they don't count against you.

What is negative SEO?

If you do happen to have a large number of low-quality backlinks, we will remove them and begin replacing them with the links allotted in the plan of your choosing. Negative SEO can be used in an attempt to harm or destroy the reputation of another company’s website, but oftentimes it can also be a result of having an inexperienced marketer performing work with good intentions, but bad results.

What are Keywords?

If you’ve checked out our SEO plans, you’ve probably noticed that we give a number of keywords in every plan. Let’s first talk about keywords and how they work in search engine optimization. Keywords are the base of SEO, and there are usually three types of keywords:

  • Product Keywords
  • Service Keywords
  • Questions

What are Product Keywords?

Product keywords are phrases that users are typing in that describe something they want to buy. For instance, “Fishing rods” would be a product keyword. This phrase will need to be optimized in order to have your website show as an option in the organic search results. For starters, you’ll need a page with “Fishing rods” as the title, along with plenty of content, blogs, and backlinks.

How do You Optimize for Questions?

When a searcher asks Google, Bing, or Yahoo! a question, the browser takes that question and searches for relevant articles that could answer what was being asked. The way to pull up the most relevant option is to have a blog with the question as the title. As with any keyword, SEO companies can use tools like SEMrush or Google Ads keyword planner to find the volume at which users are searching for the question as well as similar questions to target. By doing this, you can frequently get in front of a much wider audience quicker than with product or service keywords alone.

What are Service Keywords?

Service keywords are used when a business is trying to be found for the labor they provide. Plumbing businesses would want to be found for “Leak repair” in the cities where they want to do business. Likewise, an electrician may want to be found for “Solar installs near me”. In order for these businesses to be found, just like for product keywords, service keywords will need a page with content, blogs, and backlinks.

Which Search Engine Should You Optimize For?

If you’re trying to diagnose which search engine your website should optimize for, it’s best to start with an understanding of how your audience searches. Check inside your website analytics dashboard to see if your users are coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Duck Duck Go, Baidu, etc. This is going to be under the organic traffic metrics, and if you’re unsure, we’d be happy to help you. Just send an email to, even if you’re not an existing customer, and we’d be happy to guide you.

Most North American Consumers Use Google

Plain and simple, if you’re located in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, your customers are using Google to search for what they are looking for. The great thing about this is that Bing’s optimization standards closely follow Google’s so you’re basically getting a two-for-one. Another really solid thing about Google is that they post articles about what your website needs in order to rank well online. When you follow these standards, you’re way more likely to be found in a shorter time frame.

What About The Rest of the World?

As one of the leading SEO companies, we can tell you that if your customers are not in North America, there’s a lot more research to be done. It may even be good or better for you to research SEO companies to get SEO for unique countries like Sweden or Norway. If you take the time to establish yourself in regions where your target audience is searching, your cost per sale will go down over time. 

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How SEO Companies Can Hurt or Help You

Oftentimes, SEO companies can be seen as “black hat” SEO. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s when SEO companies try to game the system by doing everything short of actually breaking the rules in order to get their clients ahead of competitors. This doesn’t work very well as search engines are very good at running diagnostics on tens of thousands of websites at once. These “black hat” SEO techniques never slip under the radar for long. You may jump up to page one for a month, but then your domain will be blacklisted with manual actions and you have to start all over.

Doing SEO the Right Way

SEO companies that stay ahead of the curve follow all the rules and don’t do things to break them. Companies that follow SEO best practices are invested in your long term success versus making a quick buck. Do not put trust in companies that offer a one-time optimization and guarantee results. These are not quality companies that have any stake in performing well.

Understanding Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is just that, organic. SEO companies can’t buy this for their clients. SEO companies have to do the work in order to get a client ranked organically and naturally. This includes building backlinks from various websites, creating SEO content on your own website, and writing SEO-optimized press releases using a company’s name in the titles of the articles.  SEO companies also need to be very familiar with SEO algorithms like Google’s Panda and Penguin which are designed to combat black hat SEO tactics.

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Is SEO Worth It?

YES! SEO will increase your bottom line, but the only way to truly understand if SEO is for you is to evaluate your website. This is because we need to check your service areas, products, and industry. Search Engine Optimization only brings a profit if there is already a demand for your services. SEO is not just for startups. SEO can be used by anyone that wants more traffic, sales, or leads. CI Web Group, Inc., the preferred digital marketing agency, will prove this to you and gets you higher rankings and better conversions than your competitors.

Choosing between SEO companies

Great SEO companies are the way to go, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research before making a choice on which company to bring on. It’s not always about prices, it’s about results. In reality, it doesn’t matter what you spend, it’s the quality of work being done that gets the leads flowing in. This being said, there are SEO companies that will have you spend thousands for a few cheap backlinks because most business owners simply don’t understand what we do.

Transparency is key

CI Web Group, Inc. is real about what we do. You get access to our project management system so you actually see your deliverables being worked on in real-time. Our content writers post, developers share updates, our PR specialists send over links to off-page blogs. We want you to be as involved as you’re comfortable with being. It’s one of our current customers’ favorite things about working with our team of SEO experts.

How Soon do Most People see Results?

It is all going to depend on your competition, which is why we always suggest getting a free digital evaluation with our team to get real expectations on time to profitability. We’d also like to highlight that many businesses choose to advertise with us until their organic rankings get high enough to be profitable. The CI Web Group, Inc. team is well-skilled in social media ads as well as Google Ads. We’d be happy to take on your project!

How Search Demand Affects SEO

If your business is part of an industry that has seasonal profitability, like HVAC or boating, we suggest getting an evaluation, but when you start services might depend on how far away your peak season is. This being said, you will want to make sure that once you are ranking, you don’t stop the optimization services even after you rank on page one unless you no longer want to rank for a phrase. Once you stop optimizing and adding to your website for a phrase, competitors will be able to assess what you’ve done and do more, pushing you further down the page.

SEO is a Process

SEO companies know that and therefore we can help you set up SEO campaigns for your company that will last as long as the demand for your services does. It’s not just about hitting position one, it’s about staying there long term, even as your competition is optimizing as well.  SEO is not something you can do once, it’s something that needs to be ongoing. It’s this long-term strategy that CI Web Group, inc. has mastered.

Bad SEO Company VS Good SEO Company

A bad SEO company will look for the quickest way to get your website ranking. So they can collect their paycheck and move on. While a good SEO company will want to make sure that your SEO is a long-term strategy for your company. A good SEO company will tell you what you’re getting into. They will explain that SEO requires a lot of time and commitment from everyone involved. Good SEO companies aren’t going to sugarcoat things, either. They’ll be honest with you about whether or not SEO will work for your business. If it won’t, there are many other digital marketing and HVAC marketing strategies out there that can help you get leads!

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Frequently Asked Question for SEO Companies

An SEO company works with different companies online, improving their exposure in search engines. Increased search engine exposure equals more visitors to your website, which means more leads, potentially turning into sales.

When your site is well-optimized, it is more likely to appear on the first page of search results. However, this does not happen by chance in increasingly competitive sectors.

That is why so many corporations employ SEO companies. They aim to go to Google's coveted top page. And it's not simple to do!

Since online engagement is now the talk of every industry, Digital marketing companies like CI Web Group help with SEO marketing,
SEO-based content, and all other SEO-related subjects.

Digital marketing agencies have SEO specialists to operate in the most effective way possible.

Mentioned below are few of the reasons why you should consider hiring a search engine optimization company:

  • SEO companies have more experience than you have.
  • You get back what you put in, plus more.
  • SEO companies can help in boosting the number of people who visit your website.
  • SEO experts are cost-effective.
  • Ongoing SEO assistance will ensure that your website maintains a high ranking.
  • Increases sales by providing value to your customers.

SEO companies provide services that assist you in optimizing your search engine results, hence increasing your online reach. 

SEO is the operation of altering your website's design, developing and optimizing content, and establishing backlinks to ensure that you appear in search engine results.

Here are a few of SEO firms services:

  • Auditing a website.
  • Customized SEO strategy.
  • Increasing the speed of your website.
  • Creating content for marketing.

We are more expensive than other companies for the following reasons:

  • We have unmatched experience in our domain of work.
  • Our employees are professional.
  • We have a good reputation and client base in the market.
  • We employ the latest technologies.
  • We proceed based on ethical methodologies.
  • We make realistic and honest commitments.

Algorithm modifications will undoubtedly affect your ranks; nevertheless, there are two most typical causes for fluctuating rankings:

  • Problems with the technology
  • The competition is moving forward

Local search or local search engine optimization is a subset of search engine optimization that makes a website more visible in local SERP.

Local search includes all those handy search phrases that say local, like

  • Lawyers in the USA
  • Physicians in my area
  • Best plumbers near me 
  • Affordable HVAC companies near Vancouver

Local SEO is a deliberate method that emphasizes the efforts of companies to optimize their websites.