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In our media-filled world, you need to be quick and direct to grab people’s attention. Use powerful words, or a picture that will catch the reader’s eye and make them stop and read what you have to say next.


This is one of the most challenging stages in the AIDA model: you’ve got the attention of a chunk of your target audience, but can you engage with them enough so that they’ll want to spend their precious time understanding your message in more detail?

Gaining the reader’s interest is a deeper process than grabbing their attention. They will give you a little more time to do it, but you must stay focused on their needs. This means helping him or her to pick out the messages that are relevant to him quickly – use bullets and subheadings, and break up the text to make your points stand out.


The Interest and Desire parts of the AIDA model go hand-in-hand: as you’re building the reader’s interest, you also need to help her understand how what you’re offering can help her in a real way. The main way of doing this is by appealing to her personal needs and wants.


Finally, be very clear about what action you want your readers to take; for example, “Visit www.ciwebgroup.com now for more information” rather than just leaving people to work out what to do for themselves.

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There’s no better time to start growing your business with a proven step-by-step roadmap that guarantees results regardless of company size. Tell us what’s on your mind, where you are, and where you want to go so we can get the ball rolling with a personalized action plan. This is a bird’ eye view of all our departments here at CI Web Group. Each department is comprised of top strategists, scientists, and artists all with a single task in mind: to orchestrate unparalleled results for your business so you can have more time with the ones you love. 

From websites & SEO Company in Houston TX, to social media & pay per lead, we offer everything you need to get your business booming!

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