Content Marketing & Reengineering


  • Whenever we switch to bottom-of-the-funnel type of content that directly addresses the needs of our clients’ target market, we see an average revenue increase of 13%.
  • We work closely with our SEO department, which ensures a cohesive approach that always brings results.
  • We write, format and design on average 12 books per month. These are then being strategically used as lead capture on our clients’ sites. Content marketing’s main premise is giving value in exchange for contact details.
  • We then nurture this relationship with email marketing.
  • We re-engineer an average of 1,000,000 words per month on behalf of our clients.
  • Why We Are Different From Other Agencies: Our mission is to be the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in support, communication, project management, reporting, transparency, pricing, performance, results and education.
  • We always walk the talk, even when others are scared to dare. See what makes us special here.

Marketing is telling the world you’re a rockstar. Content marketing is showing it.

The first thing you need to know about content marketing is that it’s like a marathon. A comprehensive content marketing strategy may include things like the content that goes on the main pages of your site, the perfect long-tail keyword data to increase your organic search visibility (SEO results), and the number of social posts you would publish on a monthly basis. It’s also comprised of high-converting video scripts for landing pages, books that showcase your expertise, content that entice your prospects to give you their email, and the number of CTA buttons (call to action buttons) on your website.

Content Marketing is by far the biggest step in our roadmap, and it wouldn’t be complete without:

  • The development of buyer personas to inform content production. (i.e. for whom are we creating our content, we need to get in their head to create sales)
  • A 6-month plan for building your subscribers base. A good example here is coming up with a strategy to increase the number of people who sign up on your newsletter. (if a prospect gives you their email, it becomes incredibly cheap to convert them to buyers and this happens with an email marketing sequence, and a Facebook re-marketing campaign)
  • A link building and blogging content strategy.
  • It wouldn’t be complete without solid reporting on the impact of your content marketing efforts. Instead of measuring views, visits, leads, or downloads measure revenue per subscriber.
  • The content marketing campaign would also severely lack in impact if it lacks bottom-of-the-funnel types of content. Fluffy content that fails to address buyer concerns, worries, questions, fears, etc. works only for specific phases in a website’s growth trajectory. The rest has to be more pragmatic.
  • A strategy for content amplification. This is a technique reserved for our most aggressive content marketing programs. It’s often used in conjunction with paid advertising. What happens if we create one blog, which then gets re-purposed for long-form social media content complete with landing pages and offers. The whole effort is backed up with a targeted email sequence to convert people who showed interest over a period of time.

Here at an hvac marketing company, our content marketing experts work closely with our SEO services department to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to create the right strategy tailored to your unique needs. Backed by hardcore data, it’s like rocket science. But the only thing that flies out of the stratosphere is your visibility to the people who are inclined to buy from you.

Content Re-engineering

Writing your content is only half the battle. It must be fit for purpose, so that Google’s crawlers give it the credit it deserves. Would you like to know a cheap and fast way to improve your content? Employ subheadings, shorter paragraphs, a lot of internal links, bullet points, and as many images as possible. That’s what we do daily for all of our accounts that are subscribed to our Content Marketing plan.

We improve your old pages, we add more content to the pages where your content is just not enough to rank, and we craft value-adding blogs that speak to the hearts and minds of your prospects, while destroying their buyer objections. Content Marketing knows no boundaries, that’s why the content we create can take all shapes and forms to adapt to your unique business model.

Would you like content that positions you as an authority in your field? Do you desperately need content that directly impacts your SEO efforts? Content that helps with link building and sales? Whatever your needs and requirements are, we’re here to serve, and your success is synonymous to ours.


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