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Social Media Marketing


What We Do: Social Media Marketing

Our world is living in a space called social media. Which is just a new method of communicating. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you have an entire population, or generation of people that are living in a social environment. And that’s where people are communicating.

For a business owner it critical that you meet people where they are… which these days, is in a social environment! Some people prefer Facebook. Some people prefer Twitter. Some people prefer YouTube. Really, none of it matters. What does matter, is that your business has the ability to reach each individual in the communications device they use. If you think about the number of hours people spend in a social environment, wouldn’t it be great to have your message, your products, your services, in front of those eyes.

By leveraging social media, it allows you to be where your website can’t be. It also gives you the power of owning more real estate on Google… which is going to give you more opportunities to protect, promote, and leverage your brand. For instance, one social media marketing strategy might be to create a revolving distribution of content, that is set up once, and then distributed for years to come. It’s like compounding interest. Over time, the digital asset becomes more, and more valuable, providing benefits for years to come. More aggressive strategies might include posting daily, weekly, monthly, on weekends, and evenings. Even different distribution times need to be explored in order to determine maximum reach.

A social media strategy from CI Web Group will involve a team of professionals. A social media marketer develops strategy, a graphics designer works on the artwork, a writer provides the copy, and a developer makes it all work the way it should out on the web. This is why most business owners choose to outsource their social media marketing… allowing them the ability to focus on their expertise… running their business.

Social media also acts as a powerful lead generator for some and a perceived time-waster for many. And, everyone is absolutely correct. However, you need to become an authority in your field, digitally. Social media plays an intricate role in this. Social media marketing requires a commitment and you are going to have to make a decision. Are you able to fully commit to the process of becoming an authority across multiple social media platforms or are you going to simply commit to using social media to protect your most valuable asset, the referral? These are your only two choices. At the very least, protecting your most valuable asset, which you work so hard to create, the referral, is critical to your overall business strategy.

We call this the Protector.

People are quick to come to conclusions about your company. It looks something like this. Your most prized customer refers you to a vendor they do business with frequently. First, they visit your website… boom, they make a decision about your company, comparing it to other websites they have viewed through their research process (see Web for more information). Second, they click on your social sites. The prospect is looking to see 1) are you trusted by others (this shows in the form of likes and followers). 2) they look to see if you are current and you are engaged (this show’s in the form of frequent and current posts – content and presentations – see Search for more information). Instantly, they are making a decision. Are you liked by others and do you participate regularly – are you alive and do others endorse you with a like or a follow. This is the bare minimum you must do to protect your most valuable assets, your referrals and support your SEARCH campaigns with the search engines.

We refer to this as the Aggressor.

You see, within Facebook alone there are 1.1 Billion users, with over a half million of them living on their Facebook account every day. Regardless of their age, position or financial status, they use Facebook for many different reasons. To stay in touch with their kids, their family, their customers, their employees or for pure entertainment, either way, they are there. Multiple times per day. Everyone of your prospects likes to be communicated to differently. They give and share referrals differently. Some love video, some read blogs, some look at reviews, others love headlines. The bottom line is… Search engines use these peoples interactions as an indication of what is trusted content and who is loved. Regardless of your business products, services or your organization’s purpose, your prospects ARE living in a social world. Ignoring them because of your personal thoughts is death to any business over time. When given a choice, which all your prospects and customers have, they are likely to choose who they believe are trusted by others. The decision is to commit to social media to protect your most valuable asset’s perception of your company or to fully engage and leverage social media to grow your company in this ocean of prospects, who may not be just like you, but they need you. We choose not to ask you if you are going to be in business or not in the next decade and prefer to ask…

Are you the Protector or the Aggressor?

Social Media Marketing

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN STARTING A SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN… BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START?  Here’s some useful information we’ve put together to help you determine which social media platforms will work best for you.


Social Media for Small Business

At CI Web Group we make use social media platforms to your greatest advantage. Whether you require HVAC social media, Plumbing social media, Electrician social media or Contractor social media, we are the company that can get you to the top. Millions of users use these platforms on a daily basis for social activities, however, the likes of Facebook have become search engines on their own, getting you an untapped market of clients. Setting up interesting company pages displaying all your information, products and equipment will allow anyone using social media to access the information.

With so many companies flooding social media, whether it be HVAC social media, Plumbing social media, Electrician social media or Contractor social media, your use of social media needs to stand out from the rest if you want to gain the exposure you need. We take full control of your social media pages, ensuring that information is kept up to date with interesting blogs and tips posted to keep the viewer coming back to see what’s new. We don’t leave your viewers questions unanswered or hanging in the air. Every viewer wants to feel that they are important, and maintaining an interactive relationship will definitely give them that.

If you are serious about building your business using social media, you are going to commit fully in investments and in participation. You will care about:

  • What people think
  • What people say
  • Where you present
  • Where people read
  • Where people ask questions
  • How you respond
  • What others are interested in
  • How engaged you are

In a 100% committed social media campaign, you believe in creating a community, involving your network, your team and your culture, aggressively seeking new business.

Social Media Marketing | CI Web Group