Social Media Marketing


  • Over 60% of our current clients are also enrolled in our social media marketing programs.
  • Our retargeting techniques increase the return on your ad spend investment by 21%.
  • Having functional social media pages (basic social media package) is something you can’t do without even if you prefer to focus on other lead generation steps from the 12 Step Roadmap (eg. SEO, Listings)
  • Why We Are Different From Other Agencies: Our mission is to be the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in support, communication, project management, reporting, transparency, pricing, performance, results and education.
  • We always walk the talk, even when others are scared to dare. See what makes us special here.


Here’s the heart of the matter: The essence of social media is knowing your audience in order to engage them in an impactful and meaningful way.

The truth is that social media marketing is a service that can create sales on its own, but it is Step 6 within our tried and tested process which goes by the name 12 Step Roadmap. Our social media marketing services build and monetize real relationships on your behalf, grow brand awareness, and increase website traffic exponentially. The only thing left to do is let us know how fast you want to go.

Template Posting

Graphics Creation | CI Web Group

If you are the new HVAC dealer on the block and just can’t find the time to post on social media, but don’t want to look like they are out of business — and worse, short on funds? We’ve got you! Our Your Comfort Experts posting subscription takes all the guess work out of posting online with bulk posting specifically for HVAC contractors. These posts are great for seasonal reminders as well!

Your Comfort Experts Posting

  • Your Comfort Experts-branded posts
  • The posts will have the Your Comfort Experts brand on them.

  • Bulk Posted Graphics
  • The graphics are the same for everyone in the plan, with regard to the services that you offer and want to promote.

  • Enjoy free access to
  • Get free access to and take advantage of an ever-growing library of content.

* Taxes and fees may apply

Branded Posting

Branded Social Media Posting

  • Choose your graphics
  • We send out a form every quarter where you can choose the graphics that you like best.

  • Our team posts them for you
  • Our team will then schedule out those posts so you don't have to worry about posting during busy times.

  • Enjoy free access to
  • Get free access to and take advantage of an ever-growing library of content.

* Taxes and fees may apply

This is a great plan for those who need something posted when they are too busy to do it themselves. The posting plan is not a substitute for posting about business events, specials, and job posts. It is a “keep you alive” plan so when customers are checking you out online, your last post isn’t from 6 months ago. This plan does allow you to request custom graphics, so please send requests to [email protected] as always!

Customized Posting

Social Media Marketing | CI Web Group

Customized Social Media Plans

Your Brand, Your Message.

  • Create and optimize brand pages
  • Event curation and posting
  • Hiring post creation and strategy
  • Custom hashtag strategy
  • Between 3-5 posts per week on the brand page
  • Group Posts Twice Per Month
  • 8 Custom Graphics per Month
  • Weekly Reporting
  • $500 Monthly Boosting Budget

Social Media Advertising

This is the plan that is recommended for businesses that want to get new business from social media. Our ads run on both Facebook and Instagram at this time, but do take on LinkedIn advertising under some circumstances. If you are interested, please get in touch with a sales representative. We do not currently allow for online sign-ups for our Social Media Advertising plans as these are very custom plans that do require collaboration on both our part and the business representative. If you are interested, we’ll schedule a meeting to go over the process and expectations.

Social Media Advertising

* Management Fee
(Ad Budget is Separate)

of the Ad Spend or $500 monthly, whichever is greater
  • Custom Posting
  • Our custom posts include, but are not limited to: Blog promotion, brand awareness campaigns, video & animation, promotions by audience segments, team achievements, and more. We will collaborate with you on what we are seeing will perform best in your market. This will take feedback from you and your team, if you choose to run these ads.

  • Enjoy free access to
  • Get free access to and take advantage of an ever-growing library of content.

* Taxes and fees may apply

Choose The Pace

Most platforms feature both organic and inorganic promotional methods, which means that you can either promote your SEO services with Ad Spend or not (advertising budget). Most online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are entering a pay-to-play era. These companies, being the media and advertising conglomerates that they are, are slowly phasing out decent organic reach capabilities. They help you reach more people when you pay them. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Their mission is to turn a profit for their investors on the NYSE. The stock prices of these companies fluctuate according to how many people decide to use their advertising platform each quarter. This is something that apparently very few people know, which leads Mr Mark Zuckerberg to utter the rather infamous “Senator, we run ads!” in the famous Senate speech delivered in 2018.

Focused On Beautiful Digital Stories

We put together experiences that easily jump from platform to platform. We create stories that directly speak to your prospects. We build supportive, digital environments where people can easily connect with each other, and where ideas can easily reach their full potential. We’ve been building hot websites and social media pages that don’t just solve problems but put money in your pocket.

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The Process

The first thing we do whenever we sign up a new social media account is to optimize all your social media pages. Our designers create beautiful, custom graphics (specifically for each of your chosen social channels, since the pixel dimensions are always different), and our content writers craft amazing copy (text) to complement your monthly content calendars. Once we get your approval on every single item, we schedule all the pre-approved posts to go live at the date and time of your preference. That’s simply not enough for some of our clients, and of course we can’t blame them. If you’ve ever seen your biggest competitor successfully run Facebook Ads, you probably know the feeling too. Depending on your industry or niche, using paid social media advertising to create tangible sales month in and out is a very realistic addition to SEO, Listings, and Review Acquisition. With CI Web Group and The 12-Step Roadmap, the sky is really the limit.

Going Beyond Than Simply Making Your Social Pages Look Alive

We can be exactly as aggressive as you’d like us to be. We will fine tune your targeting, and we will create custom graphics and landing pages for your campaign.

Retargeting and long-term client retention

Once we have set up your campaign, complete with your landing page, we might recommend our backend integration with email marketing. Not only are we harvesting valuable data that we then put to use in your ads with solid targeting strategies, but we also split the people who show interest to your ads in categories (segmentation). For each category, we create a unique email sequence, which guarantees the success of your campaign even when all your spend is gone.

Whether Paid or Organic, Social Media Marketing Works And Is Here To Stay

Growing your follower count on social media isn’t always a vanity metric. It’s the foundation on which we will build your brand awareness step by step. We are guaranteed to increase your website traffic, but above all we are going to create an unprecedented engagement with unique and valuable content created just for you, that’s guaranteed to increase your bottom line.