Email Marketing and Text Marketing


  • We’ve tested everything. As a result we know what SMS and Email Marketing content works best depending on the circumstances.
  • Our marketing automation software is second-to-none.
  • We offer all-inclusive packages. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find the perfect fit.
  • We are here to handle much more than just your email and text marketing campaign. From building your email list to creating tailor-made content and graphics, we’re here to help you put your competitors out of business.
  • We have the right knowledge. Our cutting-edge software solutions automate your email marketing and ensure your emails won’t end up in the spam folder.
  • Why We Are Different From Other Agencies: Our mission is to be the #1 digital marketing agency in support, communication, project management, reporting, transparency, pricing, performance, results and education.
  • We always walk the talk, even when others are scared to dare. See what makes us special here.

If social media is the open bar, Email Marketing is the exclusive after-party.

Do you want to build an unshakable trust in the eyes of your prospects? Email marketing is a great tool if you want to cultivate personal relationships with each and every one of your clients, drive conversions through the roof and have them coming back for more. An honest conversation is what breeds trust. Are you going to start the discussion, or are you going to stay muted?

We Craft Pretty Stories

The benefits are enormous, and the idea behind the concept is simple. We get to paint a better, more trustworthy picture of your brand in the eyes of your prospects. This happens in many ways, but the common denominator is always none other than content that gives them value. Statistics show that your audience won’t even bother opening the email, if the subject line fails to slam them with a decent amount of awesomeness right off the bat. That’s how you stay on top of their mind when they need you. We tend to buy from businesses that have already created trustworthy interactions with us (stats show around 11 interactions), because we can easily retrieve these feelings of trust in our mind. It’s not rocket science.

Cost Effective Analytics Galore

If you’ve managed to collect thousands of email addresses already, it’s time to start turning them into stacks of $100 bills banded in $10,000 amounts with a yellow band. The only thing that’s missing is a well-converting email marketing funnel. It’s free because you don’t need to spend any money on advertising. The beauty of emails and phone numbers is that they reach the intended recipient 99% of the time. Their open rates are unprecedented compared to all other promotional methods, and if that’s not enough, they really don’t get more personal. Sales are always personal, and that’s where analytics and data came in. Email and text marketing give you all the information needed to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. You also get to deep dive in your customer’s train of thought and understand all the triggers that make them respond better to your offers for SEO Company in Houston TX.

Increase Your Deliver-ability and Open Rates

If you decide to implement this step of our roadmap when the time comes, you need to know that you’ll be way ahead of your competition. Most of them don’t do email marketing, and the folks who do fail to use that useful tool correctly. They buy email lists and send spam emails, advertising the wrong offers, in the worst possible way. You have received countless such emails, and they all scream one thing, scam.

Segmentation: Know Who You’re Speaking To

Now that we’ve established how wrong it is to send an email or text to someone without their explicit consent, it’s time to clarify something else. Offering special treatment, or at least communicating with your customers in a way they actually like, allows you to create trust between you guys faster and consequently allows you to sell more. All with our help. If you’d like our help to make your customers feel special, book your consultation today.

SMS Marketing Better Than Email?

Text Marketing is the fastest way to connect with your customers. It can work well as a complement to an email marketing campaign or on its own. With open rates close to 100%, all we need to do is differentiate between content that informs and breaks objections and content that push for a sale. We’ve seen direct, “buy-now” type of offers convert extremely well with SMS, but we also know for a fact that SMS can work as a complement to your customer’s journey. Let’s not forget! It works like a charm with coupons.