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  • We’ve been regularly producing over half a million words per month on behalf of our clients.
  • Your website content must be SEO optimized. Click here to learn more about our SEO Company in Houston TX.
  • We don’t just assign any writer to your project. All our writers are subject matter experts.
  • We have lightning fast turnaround times and we incorporate your feedback in under 24 hours.
  • We are the #1 digital marketing agency in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) space and preferred by the world’s biggest manufacturers. Our portfolio includes tons of projects in other verticals.
  • We produce all types of content, from website and social media, to email marketing and landing page content, we know what it takes to build trust and drive new sales.
  • How We Differ From Other Agencies: Our mission is to be the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in support, communication, project management, reporting, transparency, pricing, performance, results, and education.
  • We always walk the talk, even when others are scared to dare. See what makes us special here.

The Growth Hacker Strategy - CI Web GroupThere are multiple types of content writing. Content is the most important, least budgeted part of every marketing plan.

  • SEO Content Writing (by service, product, city, FAQ, job type)
  • Custom Copywriting (personalized for about us page, white papers, authority pages, blogs)
  • Social Marketing Content Writing

CI Web Group tends to focus on SEO Content as the majority of our clients are highly focused on building the visibility to gain enough traffic to be an option for the services and products they want to sell, in the cities they want to sell them. As your visibility and traffic increases, you should upgrade to custom copywriting or begin personalizing your content in house.

Here’s a sample of the ideal content strategy for the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Industry. When leveraging content for SEO rankings, it’s important to base the length of content on how competitive the key phrase.

Your Website Is A Store

The Importance Of Internal Pages On Your Website

Building Content

Fact: High-converting website content builds trust, which leads to a steady flow of online sales.

And it all begins with the appropriate website content. But what does this really mean? It means that the text that goes on your website matters. It’s the spark to the gasoline of your newly built, lean, mean lead, and phone call generation machine!

High-Quality Content, Tailored To Your Needs

Our team has a collective count of over 1500 years in the marketing world, and we’ve been through it all. From startups to SMEs, all the way to corporate giants, you may as well be legit, but nowadays trust is earned by displaying authority, transparency, commitment to results, and a job well done. For better or worse, words will never be able to replace actions. What you do and how you service your clients on a daily basis will always be a priority. More often than not though, the right words in the right digital environment, in front of the right eyeballs are synonymous to money in your pocket. Luckily for you, that’s where we come in.

Enter Step 2 of our 12 Step Roadmap

Once you have finalized all the details regarding your website’s branding and pages with our diligent project manager team, it’s time to meet our Content Department. Our writers’ job is to give tangible purchase reasons to your potential customers. After all, we live in a world of reviews. A world where Amazon has trained our brains to judge in terms of little golden stars. It’s guaranteed that your prospects will search for the best solution online. Are you going to take them by the hand, and promise them that everything is going to be OK? Treat them like you want to be treated. The ball is in your court.

Here at CI Web Group We Know That Content Is King

Whether that’s high-end copywriting, informed by the latest consumer psychology data, and tailored to the needs of your audience so they can “add anything in the cart”, or simpler SEO content meant to skyrocket your website on the SERPs, we’re here to handle it all for you and our past client testimonials prove that we always walk the talk.

The Day When Facebook & Instagram Almost Replaced Your TV

That day every business became a media business. Rolodex and Blueberries were slowly replaced by email, website, subscriber lists, chats, chatbots, and direct messages. From heavy industrial manufacturers, medical professionals, and restaurateurs all the way to personal trainers, fashion boutiques, and life coaches, suddenly everyone had to produce content to beat their competition. The reason behind this is none other than a profound change in the media or platforms responsible for communication.

By All Means, Don’t Hang Up The Phone Just Yet

Everything is relative in life and by all means the telephone isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But what’s an accounting firm supposed to do when their biggest competitor is doing YouTube videos giving out free advice and takes emails from prospects daily on autopilot with value-adding videos and blogs? Will there be any business left? What’s an HVAC contractor supposed to do when their biggest competitor is automatically registering 5* online reviews every time they do a service call? (which then boosts their SEO service efforts?) What’s a lawyer supposed to do when the second-best law firm in the city has written a book on divorces and runs Facebook Ads to get leads, again, on autopilot? You get the picture. And you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of all of that when you enroll in Step 8. All of that relates to your web content, but Step 2 In The 12-Step Roadmap revolves around SEO-Optimized Website Content Writing.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Experts say content marketing is by far the most undervalued aspect of most marketing campaigns today. That’s why we create several types of content. SEO-optimized website content that’s fit for purpose is one of the things we excel in.

It’s What You Give and What You Stand For

Many companies mistakenly focus on endless (and pointless!) conversations about the product or service they want to sell. No one really cares per se. They’d love to know how it fits in their own lives though. They’re dying to consume content, whether that’s written audio or video, on how what you do as a company helps them go one step further. Whether that’s home services, medical, financial, legal, real estate, fitness, or other life goals matters little. What matters most is how honest and authentic you’re willing to be in your content creation, and how often you’re willing to invest in it.

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Even though good merchandising is vital to a successful marketing plan, your content is your main traffic generator. This means that regardless of how great your service, or product description, and offers are, if your potential clients are not welcomed by reliable and unique content that provides them with meaningful and trustworthy information, case studies, examples, exciting news etc chances are you’re leaving money on the table. Your web content is an important bridge that links your customers to your product and helps them take out their wallet or click that buy now button.

Surpass Your Direct Competitors In Content Production

Everyday, thousands of articles are posted online. For that reason, the success and growth of your company depend on its ability to stand out above other websites and captivate your audience’s attention, not only adding value to what they read but also establishing your business’s authority in the market. To that end your pages must provide unique, valuable, and optimized material to your readers in order to achieve better ranking in the search engines and, consequently, increase your visitor flow.

More than just good articles, quality web content structure integrates visual assets such as videos, images, attention-grabbing headlines, Illustrations, and animations, as well as audio files, e-services, applications, and any other creative or structural elements that can enhance your website’s relevance to both the visitors and search engines.

Our experts are flexible and fully committed to delivering 100% original quality content always within the deadline.