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What We Do

What We Do? First we take inventory!

We start by simply asking questions. Lot’s of questions! Without understanding who you are, what you do, where you are now, where you want to go, what you have done so far, what your fears are, what’s holding you back and much more, we can’t begin to know which solutions are right for you.

Then, we leverage assets.

What do you already have, have you already done, that we can leverage? What may be 1 yard before the touchdown, and just need a little push, to bring home the win? How can we get results faster?

Next, we evaluate at infrastructure.

We must have a solid foundation to hold up this mountain of dreams and ambitions. Our tech guys get to put on their favorite music and get into your Matrix, the long black page with thousands of lines of green text that means nothing to us, but it’s as necessary as the rebar in your foundation.

  • The design team takes their shoes off, kicks up their feet on the desk and starts sketching, drawing and formulating creative ideas to best present your brand on and off the net.
  • The team of SEO engineers begins running reports and analyzing data, presenting a view of your website that may bore a human, but gives a robot the deciding vote on how trustworthy you are and who should see you.
  • The social team begins comparing your list of friends and fans, like a high school prom king and queen contest, looking to see who’s chatting with you and about you.
  • Our video team doesn’t read your content, they simply glance at your site and YouTube channel to see if there’s a 3 minute overview instead of a 30 minute dissertation.
  • Our mobile app team goes to the play store to download you to their only device, if yes, they are intrigued, if not, they go back to designing and developing mobile apps for their clients going mobile without skipping a beat.

Our team simply acts as if they were a customer, all with different favorites. The best device. What they like. Of course, what someone else thinks is all that matters.

Check out our Website Design Project Plan.