SEO for Doctors

When you need to find an answer to a question or to find a product, what do you do? You Google it, right? Well that’s exactly what potential patients are doing in order to find a practitioner in their area. On the Google search results page, you’ve got the option to either pay to play or to optimize your website in order to become an option. Ideally, you’ll do both, but many practices choose to begin with SEO for Doctors.

Content Writing

We support your intellectual articles with informational blogs, so your findings can be found online by others.

Local Marketing

If your practice is focused on a local audience, you'll love the directory listing updates management that we offer!

SEO for Doctors and other marketing services by CI Web Group

Full Integrations

Want to take virtual appointments, payments online, chat with patients, and more? We can integrate with your tech.

Realtime Reporting

Transparency is key in the marketing world. Use our project management system to see everything we are doing to get you visible.