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SEO Plans Get You Ranked on Google

Why are SEO Plans so Important?

SEO Plans optimize a page or set of pages for specific keywords. There’s a lot of metrics that affect where a website can rank, but the concept of why a page ranks is actually really simple.

Google is a bot that is ranking all the pages that rank for each keyword in the order from "best" to "worst".

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SEO Packages are Cost-Effective

SEO Packages are the most cost-effective way to market to potential customers where they are already looking. The majority of consumers, when looking for local services, go to Google to find what they are looking for. Times have changed, and so has the way that people find businesses that they want to work with. Now, it’s important to be visible on search in order to stay profitable.

CI Web Group's SEO Plans

Search Engine Optimization is often looked upon with a lot of confusion because there are so many pieces to the puzzle that is an optimized site. Our team has been doing this for years and we will be the first to tell you that it changes every single day. In fact, that’s why so many of our team members stick around. It’s a genuinely interesting field that is ever-evolving and we get to be on the fore-front of this movement in the home services, medical, family law, and eCommerce industries. 

How is CI Web Group Different?

Many business owners come to us never having done marketing before or with poor experiences where they’ve been burned by previous agencies. CI Web Group specializes in creating a transparent, goal-driven environment that makes seeing progress easy. Our process is meant to educate on the subject, provide full access to Analytics, and even help you by creating a realtime report that you can bookmark and reference when you just want to take a quick peek at the data. 

What’s included in our 2021 SEO Plans?

Includes Proof of Work and Proof of Progress! No set up fees and no long term contracts… Love us or leave us.
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SEO Plans

Looking to Boost Your
SEO Plan Further?

We get this question a lot. In reality, you’ll start seeing progress in 3 months or so, but depending on the competition (how many options are on Google for the keyword you are searching for), the time to page 1 is going to vary drastically. It also very much matters where you are starting from. If you’ve got a domain authority of 2 and you’re in the Houston area, it’s going to take a hefty SEO investment, time, and collaboration. However, if you are in a small rural town where there’s only 3 or 4 other companies in your niche, ranking on page 1 will come much quicker and the necessary initial budget is much smaller.

Let us help you decide what’s the best SEO Plan for your business by running a full-scale marketing analysis. Schedule your free digital evaluation today!

  • Website Security
  • Properly Coded Website Files
  • Robots.txt in place for indexed versus non-indexed pages
  • A Sitemap
  • Pagespeed (mobile, tablet, and desktop)
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Domain Age
  • A “dot com” Website Suffix
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Spam Score
  • Meta Datas
  • Keyword Saturation
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Internal Links
  • Outbound Links
  • Inbound Links
  • and More…

If you get onto a regular SEO plan, there is no contract. Love us or leave us! However, if you choose to get on the 12 Step Fast Track, there is a 12 month contract since we are throwing in a free website.

It’s not that it’s better, more that we treat it as a prerequisite. PPC can be used to enhance how well a website is ranking as well as create more opportunity on the search engine results page. If you’re ranking in Ads, the Google Local Pack, and the organic search results, you’ll have a much higher click thru rate, resulting in more potential customers. 

SEO Plans to Get You Ranking Online

CI Web Group takes a holistic approach to SEO strategy, meaning that we build up then out with every phrases that we work on. We start by adjusting the infrastructure of the website as needed, then working on pillar content, then supporting with blogs and off page SEO. While most of our customers are local contractors (HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, etc.), we do have e-Commerce sales sites that we are marketing that do quite well. 

How Do I Rank Online?

Search engines have something called “bots” that roam throughout the internet, categorizing and filing pages and posts as per the overall optimization levels. These bots are not automatic – We have to actually manually submit your XML sitemap to Google’s search console in order to get your pages indexed by these bots. After the assessment is completed, Google will try placing your website as option in different places and based on how consumers react to it, the positioning will change. As your site moves up further on the SERP, you’ll become an option for an increasing amount of searchers.

Once a Website is Ranking, What’s Next?

Firstly, you will want to continue utilizing the SEO plans for the phrases that are currently ranking. It’s not as simple as ranking once and then stopping the plan. There are so many competitors out there that are also fighting to be on page one. Once you stop doing SEO, those rankings will start to fall as others out-optimize your page. Another thing that many people don’t realize is that your website’s bounce rate is a huge factor in how well your website ranks. 

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Bounce Rate – the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

How Does Bounce Rate Effect my Rankings?

If the bounce rate is too high (and that number is respective to other websites in your online marketplace), your website will be referred by search engines less often. To understand this further, try shifting your perspective. Search engines are businesses – just like yours. They want their customers to have the best possible experience while using their products and services. Therefore, if you have many customers going to your website and not converting, it doesn’t make as much sense to show your website as the best option.

Reducing your Bounce Rate

One thing that can really help with reducing your bounce rate is call tracking since most of these systems trigger and events inside of Google Analytics (even for those customers that come to the website just to find your phone number).

Recommendations for SEO Plans

We definitely recommend getting started on an SEO plan that you feel comfortable with, then diving into Google Analytics once there is enough data to make educated decisions on what’s next. This is because you really need to have enough organic traffic being driven to your website before real recommendations can be made. Simply put, every single website is different and should be treated as such. 

When Should You Use SEO Versus PPC?

Search engine optimization can be a long term goal sometimes. Depending on how many competitive results there are for various keywords in your industry, the wait time can vary quite a bit. For instance, if you have a web page that is focused on “SEO Plans”, the time that it may take that page to rank may be years. Whereas, if you’ve got a page that focuses on “Accountants in Friendswood, TX”, the wait time to rank will be much shorter because there is only so many competitive pages that are directly targeting that phrase. 

Needing a New Customer Acquisition Route

In cases where there is a wait time that is uncomfortably long, you’ll want to sort out another new customer acquisition route. If your industry already has demand and you just need to get noticed online, Paid Advertising could be right for you. The great thing about starting PPC is that you can use it as needed. The budget can be started and stopped, increased and decreased, and the leads coming in will directly correlate with the budget and the time that the campaign is active.

Strategy Behind Using Both

It’s no secret that we do a lot of local SEO & PPC. Well, HVAC is a very seasonal industry where people are only looking for services during summer and winter (basically when the weather hits hard and things break). So during the winter, PPC is used very seldom in cold climates and bit more often in warmer climates like Texas. As soon as the organic traffic begins to dwindle, HVAC businesses will vamp up their paid acquisition strategies to try to get every piece of the market share that they can before the demand drops off altogether and they have to survive off service agreements.

Using PPC for HVAC During Summer/Winter

There’s two stages in the HVAC business lifecycle that will tend to use both SEO & PPC together in tandem during the highest demand times. Typically, it’s the larger companies that use PPC & SEO together during the busy seasons so they can take up more real estate on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and get a larger piece of the market share. On the other hand, if a business has no online market presence at all, but needs leads fast, paid advertising is also utilized to drive more traffic in the short term. 

Thinking about SEO plans | CI Web Group

Should You Invest in an SEO Plan?

Literally, the answer is always yes if your industry has search volume already. However, if you are selling a product that people are not searching for, you’ll need to generate the demand yourself for your product. How can this be done? Social Media. You can create very targeted campaigns for different audience demographics, track users using a pixel, and boost your posts so huge groups of people can see and become excited about the products in your brand. 

How Much Should SEO Cost?

This is going to depend on the work being done monthly. The more frequent the website updates, the faster your website will rank. Keep in mind that when you are located in a highly competitive area, it will take longer to rank for local phrases. That being said, a larger SEO Plan will help you rank faster no matter where you are located.