Client Appreciation Program

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Customer Appreciation Program

How are you reminding your clients how much you value their business throughout the year? If you’re not using a customer appreciation program to send out gifts, postcards, and merchandise, you may want to consider starting. Check out our pricing and plans !

Automated Campaigns


Set reminders so your customers know it's time to get booked for the next appointment.


Wish your customer a Happy Birthday and send them a small treat to brighten their day.


Let your customer know about something new you're offering or a discount they may like.

Thank yous

Most importantly, let customers know that your appreciate them by thanking them for their business.

How Do You Show Value?

What sets working with your company apart from every one of your competitors?

Stop Spamming, Start Connecting

It's time to get out of the inbox and get in the mailbox.

Automate Your Gratitude – Our easy to use campaign builder allows you to create a schedule to automatically send your personalized gifts and cards when YOU want them to go out, not when a holiday says you should. Perfect for never missing another birthday or creating a monthly top-of-mind marketing campaign to your customers

"Set it and forget it"

The Loyalty Webinar

Wanting to hear a bit more? We’d love to have you check out our webinar on the Customer Appreciation Program. If you’d like to speak with one of our marketing strategists, you can schedule online anytime!

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