Review Acquisition

Every Job Should End in a Review Request

Reviews convey the quality of your business to potential customers. Having negative reviews will turn away most leads quicker than if you put a CLOSED sign across the front of your business location. On the other hand, having the most 5 star reviews out of your competition will get you the marketshare.

Reviews Matter.

Let’s look at a real world scenario. Which would you choose?

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If you're like most consumers, you chose H-E-B because it has a higher rating than Brookshire Brothers and more ratings than Wonder Ways Africa Food.

Using this example, it’s clear to see why businesses with the most reviews and with the highest ratings continue to do more business than others in the same marketplace. 

So How Can You Get More Reviews?

There’s the traditional method of getting Google reviews – to ask for a great review at the end of a job. But this method does not yield the highest number of reviews. While people typically have good intentions, we all get busy and put things on the back-burner for later. The most sure-fire way to increase your review count is to automatically send out a review request by text after every job. 

Companies that do this see exponential growth and even lower costs per conversion in other online marketing efforts, especially SEO services. Search Engine Optimization is meant to get people onto your website. If someone is interested in doing business with you, what’s the first thing they’re going to check out before calling you? REVIEWS

Schematic Markup

Our reviews acquisition program comes along with a hefty SEO backing in the form of schematic markup or structured data. It’s how you can get your website to speak directly with search engines, telling it exactly what search terms your site should rank for. For instance, if you are a gym in Houston, TX, your schema should relay that messaging through code.

When Should a Business Focus Get a Reviews Acquisition Software?

CI Web Group has our 12 Step Fast Track that lays out what you should be doing to grow your business online. Reviews software is Phase 5, but you should be working on getting reviews the traditional way as you work through each phase. For more information, book a free digital marketing evaluation with our team of digital marketing experts!

Reviews on City Pages

Our reviews acquisition software also creates city pages so local service businesses can get found for a huge radius, versus having to have a full SEO plan for every single phrase in every single city. These city pages work really well for low-medium competition phrases that may not make as much sense to put an optimization budget on, but you still need to have rankings for.