Over the Top Advertising (OTT)

Over the Top Advertising (OTT)

Over the Top Advertising

Traditional television ads are becoming a thing of the past as more and more consumers switch to streaming platforms like Peacock and Hulu. That’s why smart business owners are adding in Over the Top advertising to their strategy. 

Increase Your Brand Awareness

OTT (over the top advertising) is delivered to users that are watching media through streaming video services or using mobile apps that contain ads. This marketing avenue is fantastic to increase brand awareness so when people do need your services, they recognize your brand when they start searching for contractors. 

Create Target Audience Segments to Increase Conversions

When you advertise on streaming platforms, you are able to create ads that go to specific groups of people. This may mean different locations, ages, genders, income levels, and much more…

How Fast Do you want to grow?

Engage Your Audience with Over the Top Advertising

Over the Top Marketing Example | Ci Web Group

Reach potential customers on major streaming platforms for pennies per view. We help you create videos and messaging for different segments to get the best ROI possible. 

Ads increase your brand awareness, we know this. Dominate your competition by showing up everywhere a potential lead may be searching. They’re already seeing ads, why not yours?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What media type is used in the ads?

Video is used in the ads since they show on streaming platforms. We can either use a video that you come to the table with or we have numerous video packages that you can choose from. 

What are Acceptable Video Lengths?

We accept either :15 or :30 commercials. If your current commercial is too long or short, we do offer video editing services as well. If we produce your video, we will also upload and optimize it on your YouTube channel, if given access. Otherwise, we will provide the video files by email so you may do the same.

What is the Timeline to Get Ads Running?

If you already have a video that you’d like to promote, we can have the ad live in less than 2 weeks. On the other hand, if video editing, animation, or custom shoots are needed, that will extend the timeline. We recommend getting in touch to get a custom time quote.

Are There Ads That People Cannot Skip?

Yes, we do offer premium ads that people cannot skip through as well as ads that allow a user to skip after a few seconds. To determine which is best for your business, we recommend a discussion with one of our specialists to learn more.

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