The 12 Step Advanced Track

Marketing and advertising packages that bundle all things on and offline. These plans are designed to be your all-inclusive lead generation source.

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12 Step Fast Track | CI Web Group

Choosing Your Plan by Population Size



If you're focused on a rural target area, it typically takes less budget to compete. The Rural Plan works well in these cases.


Suburban Targeting

With a larger population, suburban areas require a higher budget. The Suburban Plan is geared for these competitive spaces.



The Urban Plan is for the businesses looking to target major cities. The all-inclusive plan has a major focus on brand strategies.

What to Expect

Form a Game Plan

At the start of your plan, our team will work on your action plan, creating real deliverable, timelines, and expectations based on actual data. We provide all initial reporting as well as our suggestions on how to best move forward after analyzing your existing assets.

Set Up Services

After your approval of our action plan, we get to work. Setting up campaigns, designing graphics, curating video content, writing website verbiage, all take different amounts of time. We will send out all deliverables for approval before launching assets.

Realtime Reporting

Transparency is key. We get great results, but what does that matter if you don't see it with your own eyes. We give you access to our entire project management system where you can access reports, view our team's conversations, and interact directly with the people doing the work as they're doing it.

Account Overviews

These plans require collaboration with a decision-maker in the business. Depending on your industry, we'd like to meet quarterly to go over data and suggestions. We use Zoom to speak "face-to-face" and to share our screens while discussing reports. Itemized agendas are sent out before and after each meeting.

Our Plans

Program Details and Participation Requirements:

  • 1-year term for participation.
  • Choose either a monthly or yearly payment plan.
  • Monthly reporting for all work provided via the project management system.
  • Dealer Participation Required
  • Digital evaluation required to determine qualification. Sites with more than 50 pages. 
  • Google penalties, bad backlinks, duplicate content, etc., may prevent qualification from this program. 

*Please note that the 12 Step Fast Track plans can be cancelled at any time, they are month-to-month. If you choose to cancel before the 12 month commitment ends, and you would like to keep your website, you can either purchase your website for the prices shown here and take it with you or you may subscribe to an account maintenance plan for a 36 month term (you can purchase and transfer the website at anytime). Or, if you’d prefer to start a new website with another provider, you may do so and not have to pay anything further. Your new web provider can use any of the content and images on your website in their new build.