Accessibility Software for Websites

Accessibility Software for Websites

Accessibility software helps to give a disabled person access or benefit from a website, system, or application. When designing your site, accessibility should be considered. There are even laws in place that protect the rights of people with disabilities in the online space. Motor impairments make it difficult for impaired people to use a keyboard and mouse to navigate websites. Accessibility software is built to assist people with motor impairments to create tools that will help make site navigation easier.

CI Web Group, Inc. has become very familiar with the ongoing changes in accessibility requirements and therefore are always looking for the next best technology that will help our customers meet their goals. UserWay is an accessibility tool that we’ve been working with that has been an amazing resource for both us and our customers. 

How does UserWay keep your website accessible?

The UserWay accessibility website widget is an easy add-on to your website. You simply purchase the tool and then send the details to your website developer or IT team. If you are a current CI Web Group, Inc. customer, you can simply forward the email to and we’ll add it on your website for you.

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Which disabilities impact website use?