Local Listings

Local Listings

Local Listings

Local listings are one of the easiest ways to get quality backlinks for your website. Google pays very close attention to number of inbound links that your website has as well as quality of the websites linking to your site. 

Lock Down Your Business Assets

Top ranking websites boast quite an extensive repertoire of these links, but you’ll notice that each of these highly successful businesses have links coming from the same top 70+ local NAP+W citations. We’ve got wonderful relationships with these listing companies that give us the opportunity to lock down these listings so no external changes can be made by competitors. 

We offer the following options for local listings:

Let’s Talk About Google My Business

Google My Business or “GMB” is Google’s local listing that shows a business’s name, address, phone number, website, business categories, attributes, and bio as well as reviews, photos, posts, and videos. The platform is considered an essential for every local business and is imperative for a proper SEO Company in Houston TX

Optimizing Your Business Information

Rule #1: Always use as many business categories as you can that relate to your business. There are 5 categories that relate directly to all SEO service, and even more that can be applied depending on what services are offered. For other businesses like doctor’s offices, there could be way more relevant categories if it’s a GP office.

Rule #2: Fill out the bio as full as you can get it. Start off by focusing on your business’s story, who you are – then come back in and add in keywords that you want to be found for by users performing online searches.

Rule #3: Pay attention to the attributes. These get missed so often, but they show up on the live listing as these bright green checkmarks that definitely grab the attention of consumers. The industry that was chosen as the primary business category will be what determines that attributes that show as options. 

GMB Posting

Google My Business offers the ability to post images with text so you can inform consumers about new specials, announcements, and events. The crazy thing about these posts is that they only stay visible for 14 days! That means you really have to keep up the posting frequency in order to have relevant, steady content going out to consumers. It’s thought that more frequent posts result in more visibility, but there is conflicting evidence with that idea. The best rule of thumb is to focus on getting reviews.

Add Photos & Videos

The listing also allows photos and very short videos to be posted for users to click through and watch. We do have evidence that companies that post more photos do tend to get a slightly higher visibility in the SERP, but (maybe?) more importantly, they have a higher conversion rate. Consumers do click on multiple listings and research companies before they choose to do business. Having more photos that convey your brand helps to drive that conversion rate up.

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