Google My Business Posting Service

Google My Business Posting Service

Google My Business Posting Service:

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Google My Business Posting Service - GMB - CI Web Group

A Google My Business Post gives you the opportunity to share new and relevant information with people who view your listing online. We include a photo, a call to action to learn more or purchase, and a link to your website or a specific page that talks about your event, promotion, or service. There are several types of Google posts: Covid-19 Update, Offers, What’s New, Events, and Products. Having a variety to your posting schedule will help your GMB gain more visibility with people near you. That’s why this is such a great tool for local service businesses like HVAC or plumbers.

What Type of GMB Post Should You Use?


People love to see how they can save. Keep your customers in the loop by showing your promotions on your Google Business Listing.

What's New

Have you recently won an award or participated in conference? Keep your audience informed!


Got an upcoming event? Use the events post type to encourage people to join you, vote for you, participate in your contest, and more!

Covid Update

If your business has updated rules for in-person visits or has been otherwise impacted by Covid, you can create a Google My Business post letting new and existing customers know what's going on.


What do you want to sell more of? Showcase it on your Google My Business using the product event type!

Absolutely! Posting on Google My Business is like any other platform where the more often you make quality updates, the more visibility you will gain.

If you are a local business, then yes, posting on Google My Business will have a positive impact on how often your listing will show for those searching online.

Ideally, you'll post anytime you have a new promotion, event, or update for your audience. Most businesses can put together at least one topic per week, but the more often, the better.

First, you'll want to make sure that the listing is fully optimized with all the proper categories and attributes. Then, you'll want to upload pictures, videos, and do regular posting.

No, hashtags have no effect on your Google My Business posts. Treat it like a blog article that requires much less text and you'll do just fine!

If you've just been verified for the first time, it will take a couple weeks or so for Google to begin showing your business in the Maps section.