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How does CI Web Group, Inc. Help Optimus customers?


We add financing to your website

All Optimus customers can get in touch with us for a free integration of the financing software. You can have your team give us a temporary password or we can walk your current team through the installation.


Our team checks out your website

We've been working on HVAC websites for over 15 years and have been the Preferred Digital Marketing Agency for Goodman and Amana since 2013. Our team can find areas of improvement for your website and marketing.

Jennifer Bagley

CEO, CI Web Group, Inc.


we send your complimentary action plan

Typically a $1,000 value, the CI Web Group action plan includes technology updates, conversion optimization tasks, marketing suggestions, and more. You can use this to plan what's next for your business's online presence.


If you'd like, you can schedule a call

Whether you would like to perform our suggestions on your own, take them to your marketing person, or would like to discuss how CI Web Group, Inc. can help grow your business, we're here. At any time, you can book a no-obligations call or meeting with our team here.

People are Searching for financing online,
Are you an Option?

Did you know that over 70% of homeowners finance their HVAC systems in some way? The search volume for financing terms has increased exponentially year over year since 2010. It’s become one of the top sales conversion tools of today’s leading HVAC companies. So, let’s talk about how CI Web Group, Inc. can help.


CI Web Group, Inc.

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15+ Years of HVAC Experience

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Long Term Contracts

At CI Web Group, Inc., you can stop our services at any time. We earn your business every day by showing full transparency on all products and services that we offer, delivering on our promises, and getting you more leads. Period. When you choose us, you’ll receive:

We are the prefered digital marketing agency for:

Goodman MFG Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment - CI Web Group Digital Marketing

Thousands of Contractors, Millions in Revenue Generated



Patrick Kilgannon

Custom Air Conditioning

Look if your a Contractor then you need a web site and a team like CI Web Group behind you to be successful. Dollar for dollar they offer the best value and the best knowledge in the industry to help you succeed. Jennifer, Kathy, Kim and the whole team are awesome. They work with you and help build your company form the inside. I owe them a world of gratitude for helping me achieve my goals. My website is better than yours !!!!! Patrick Kilgannnon Custom AC



Heather James

Complete Air Services

We have been working with CI Web group for a year now, they have been FABULOUS to work with to help us grow our business! CI Web group is unlike any other company, they go above and beyond to help us. They are very responsive, have great ideas and genuinely care about our business! We highly recommend them!



Raul Avellan

J.E. Mechanical

Great experience for these 3 years so far. CI Web team is always very responsive and have assisted me on guiding us trough the best path to reach our SEO and Digital marketing goals in this highly competitive HVAC industry. Still happy with you guys, and glad that you signed up to the task on bettering these already good numbers. Lets go!


we’re here to answer all your questions

Here’s how you can integrate your new Optimus Financing into your website. It’s not too hard, we promise!

We’ll need to schedule a quick call with you in order to get the website details. You can give our team temporary access to your website so our developers can add the code to your financing page.

The best way to get found online for home services is by showing on Google. There’s different parts of the Google Search Results page that allow you to be found. from Google Local Services Ads (Google Guaranteed) to Google Ads to Search Engine Optimization, we do it all. 

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your business grow, schedule a call with us. If this is all you needed our help with, you can continue on with what you’re currently doing to drive leads. This is a no-obligation service that we are providing for Goodman, Amana , and Daikin dealers.

If you’d like to add the code yourself or have your current agency do the integration for you, the instructions to integrate the financing are here. Please let us know if you have any questions!

At CI Web Group Inc, we offer digital marketing services at an affordable price. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.