HVAC SEO: Get More Customers Online

If you’re an HVAC business owner, you already know why HVAC SEO services is so important. Without it, your website cannot be found by people searching online for services. How many potential customers are you missing by not being ranked on page one of Google?

We can actually calculate that.

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How Many People Are Searching for HVAC Services?

To know if a city is worth targeting with SEO, we first have to calculate the estimated number of impressions that will occur during a given time period. An impression is every time that your website appears where a user is looking on a search engine. For instance, if you’re ranking on page 2 of Google, your website likely will have around 3% of the impressions that it would have had if you have ranked on page 1. Why? Most consumers do not click to the second page if they are looking for a top digital marketing agency. That means getting up to page 1 is crucial for HVAC SEO results. 

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The Higher You Rank, the More Likely You Are to Be an Option!

How Many People Clicked?

Once you’re ranking on Google, the next step is getting people to click on your website. This means taking what we know about consumer psychology and implementing it in a way that drives people to choose your business as their best option. This means knowing your customer and their mindset on a deeper level. When it comes to HVAC, the entire industry is based on a NEED for services. Nobody goes out and purchases HVAC services and SEO Company in Houston TX for fun or because it is an economical status item. You don’t see people taking glamour shots with their HVAC systems to increase their followers on social media. Heating and air conditioning services are bought when there is a problem with the current unit. Keeping this in mind, there are three HVAC customer mindsets:

Quality-First Mindset

A customer with quality-first mindset worries about who they are allowing in their home, how long the lifespan of their equipment will be, and typically will spend more just to be able to hand off the issue to a trusted company to handle. These are the people that buy a maintenance plan if they loved working with you and will keep calling as long as they perceive you as the best option.

Speed-First Mindset

On the other hand, you have some customers that focus on speed and precision. They want to call you, have you out that day, and be comfortable again ASAP. They are not worried about anything other than their comfort. This is a more demanding customer mindset, but a highly profitable one if treated properly. This customer is typically the least likely to sign up for a maintenance plan.

Price-First Mindset

Lastly, we have the price-first mindset customer group. There are a lot of areas all over America where this is the only mindset. These customers will around for the best prices – UNLESS you can put them online and offer amazing financing. Then, they’ll be loyal to you. If you have a lot of these customers in your area, get an e-commerce system. You’ll spend less on acquisition and close more new sales.

How Many People Bounced?

A bounce is classified as a website session that was ended before the website was interacted with. Being a major part of HVAC SEO, bounce rates tell companies how many people did you website either scare off with an outdated / non-working design or how many people your business was not an applicable resource for. Here are some reasons why people bounce from HVAC websites:

A Good Bounce Rate is Between 40%-60% - the Smaller, the Better

HVAC SEO: Your Conversion Rate

How Many People CHOSE to Do Business With YOU?

Out of every user that stayed on your website, interacted with it, gave it a real chance, how many of them decided to do business with you? Knowing your conversion rate is powerful. Knowing where users tend to leave your website is essential. A poorly converting page can be fixed and the bleeding can stop. Having a beautiful design and quality content that answers a customer’s questions will drop that exit rate and leave you with more leads. Using analytics, our team can find those pages and strategize with you on how to turn those into great conversion pages. It may be as simple as adding a chatbot or a lead capturing form. Maybe we need a great team photo and a note from the business owner. We work with you until we are happy with the conversion rates coming from your HVAC SEO. 

Let's Learn About CI Web Group's SEO

It’s different when you work with a website & marketing company that specializes in HVAC growth. 

Why Choose CI Web Group to Be Your HVAC SEO Company?

We are HVAC Manufacturer Backed & Approved

All websites that we create are built according to your manufacturer's guidelines so you can get your accruals / co-op funds.

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How Quickly Can You Expect Results?

We recommend setting up a strategy session to get a more accurate estimation of how long it will take for your website to rank in your market. Let’s go over some general factors that will adjust your wait time per phrase.

Please keep in mind that it will typically take between 3-6 months to begin seeing movement, depending on how often your website was updated in the past. If you get onto an HVAC SEO plan right after your website goes live, you will see much better results than if you wait for 6 months. Why? Because if you don’t update your website for 6 months, you are training Google to not expect changes to be happening on your domain. It will take much longer to retrain the bots to expect more frequent edits and to preemptively increase their crawl rate.

HVAC SEO Tip: The more frequently your website gets updated, the easier it will rank on search engines