Inflation Reduction Act for HVAC Businesses

Inflation Reduction Act for HVAC Businesses

The Inflation Reduction Act is a fantastic opportunity for HVAC businesses in the United States. These new regulations allow homeowners to apply instant rebates of up to $8,000 towards a new high efficiency heat pump that is Energy Star approved. As a result, heat pumps are going to be an even hotter commodity than ever!

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Instant HVAC Rebates by Income Bracket

Let’s talk further about the how the rebates work. 

Before January 1st, 2023, each state must decide how they are going to define their low, medium, and high income rates. The Inflation Reduction Act states that each of the levels will receive a different maximum rebate amount, which we’ve broken down by income level below:

Low Income

Low income homeowners will be able to receive up to $8,000 in an instant rebate when purchasing an Energy Star approved heat pump.

Medium Income

Medium income homeowners will be able to receive 50% of their new heat pump’s cost, up to $8,000.

High Income

High income homeowners will be able to receive a $2,000 rebate when purchasing an approved heat pump.

How Can Contractors Use the Inflation Reduction Act to Get More Sales?

HVAC businesses should be spreading the word like crazy online and in their communities. One of the best ways to do this is to begin with with pre-made templates that can be a conversation-starter. The CI Web Group team has put together a library of assets for the Department of Energy Regulation Changes as well as put a plan in place for the Inflation Reduction Act.

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