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Hire on another office staff member, or pay a low monthly fee for an AI Chatbot? It's your choice.

Why should every website have an AI Chatbot on their site? We have been hearing this question for years, but with world events lately, these have become prevalent than ever. Homeowners have so many things up in the air at all times, having an air conditioner or heater busted is just the icing on the cake for most. When you make scheduling an appointment or a call back a no-brainer, you impress the consumer and start things out on a great note!

With an online chatbot, you are able to handle a larger amount of incoming leads without having to pay for more office staff. Send a customer to Google to leave a review or have a new customer schedule an appointment that works for them. Become accessible to your customers. Show them top notch customer service and make lifelong clients!

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What customer requests can my chatbot handle for me?

Your Online Receptionist

Gather any client information you need in the most convenient way possible – your phone! We’ll help you get it set up so you feel 100% comfortable with the process. We can have you or your office staff trained in minutes!

A major benefit to having a chatbot is the capacity that this one resource can handle. If 5 users are clicking on the chat feature at once, the chatbot can handle all 5 at once, directing them to call or even leave a review. Our Chatbot handles unlimited requests coming in and it makes it easy for an office staff member to prioritize call backs. 

Schedule appointments for your team through chat. We offer an Online Scheduling System that integrates in with the Chatbot, making working with your team even easier! You can even create team bio pages and have the scheduled technician’s page go out to the client before the call. 

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AI Chatbot for Website and Facebook

Simple add-on solution for any website
$ $50 Monthly or $600 Annual
  • Online Scheduling
  • Virtual Zoom Meetings
  • Online Document Sharing
  • Email & Text Marketing System
  • Call Tracking Integration
  • Link to Capture Reviews
  • Link to Schedule Appointment
  • Link to Click to Call
  • Online Troubleshooting for HVAC
* Taxes and fees may apply

Yes, you will need to provide admin access to your company’s Facebook page as the AI Chatbot uses Facebook Messenger. This means that you now have a chatbot for your customers to use on Facebook too! Let your chatbot direct an unlimited amount of traffic while your staff organizes phone calls.

Yes, your customer will need to be logged into Facebook to use the Chatbot. Thankfully, most consumers already have the app on their phone and stay logged in. For tech savvy, busy website users, chatbots are essential. Communicate to customers the way they prefer it!

The great thing about Facebook Messenger is that it is a separate app on your phone. Actually, when you think about it, having it separate from texting is pretty smart! Get notified by a little ding when someone is reaching out on your Facebook or website!

We see varied percentages based off the consumers that are finding website. There is a particular customer profile that we see use the chatbot the most. That typically going to be:

  • Professionals
  • Busy parents
  • Multi-taskers

This is such a large part of the population! Make it super easy for them to send you their information and move on to the next 8 things on their list!

You can, but it is not recommended as this is an AI Chatbot and has a script. Even if you respond in Messenger, the script will continue to run and be asking for the client’s information. The best thing to do is watch the lead come in and then call immediately after. Your professionalism will WOW the customer!

The Chatbot can notifications to all your devices that are set up to receive your Facebook Messenger notifications:

  • Smart Watch
  • Phone
  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Car
  • Email