Product Content

Product Content

In order to encourage users to purchase items online, product content along with appealing images should be added to e-Commerce web pages. Sometimes it can be hard for a business to come up with catchy and conversion-friendly content, so outsourcing is an option. Our content writers are affluent in writing clean copy in the voice of your business. Most importantly, our content ranks on search engines when paired with an SEO Plan.

Creating a Content Voice

Your content is the soul of your website, encouraging users to take action even when you are not there to guide them. The feel of your content should flow from page to page. 

Here’s an example of Content Voice:

“Shhh.. Can you hear that? Experience the latest in HVAC technology with our quietest operating air conditioner yet. But wait, there’s also the added bonus of huge electricity savings when you upgrade.”


“Our latest air conditioning unit offers quiet operation and a higher efficiency, reducing your electric costs monthly.”

The two sentences are saying exactly the same things, but the tone of voice is different and gives the reader a different feel as they move through your products. Before starting a content project, it’s smart to figure out who you want to present your business as.

Product SEO 

There are 2 main types of search engine optimization and that is local SEO (for services) and e-Commerce SEO. If you’re offering products online, you’ll want to have e-Commerce SEO to get more visibility when people are searching for what you are selling. In order for a product SEO campaign to be worthwhile, it’s important to identify if the demand is already there. If you’re not sure, Google Ads has a free tool called the keyword planner that allows you to see projected search volumes according to Google’s projections. It’s really cool!