Digital Recruitment Marketing

Digital Recruitment Marketing

Digital Recruitment Marketing

As your business expands, it’s critical to build a stellar team of professionals, but the way people search for jobs has changed drastically in recent years. This means how companies recruit must change which is why many business leaders invest in digital recruitment marketing. It takes an online recruiting campaign to attract, hire and keep the best candidates.

What is Digital Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the combination of strategies and tools such as content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO (search engine optimization), and employer branding, that companies use to promote the value of working for the organization. This will establish the company culture to attract, engage, and nurture leads and ultimately convert them into applicants. 


digital recruitment marketing

HVAC Technician Recruiting Service

Are you looking to hire an HVAC Technician for your HVAC business? CI Web Group, Inc. now offers recruiting services to help you find quality candidates to join your team. This service includes the following:

Job Descriptions

Our standard job description template is included or you can provide your own and we’ll implement at no additional cost. We offer custom job description writing services (in the Standard package) that includes a discovery call with one of our expert content writers.

Employer Branding

Creatively share your company's story with prospective candidates to give them insight into your unique culture. Applicants are looking through pages of job listings, let's make you stand out!

Job Posting

Job platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, and your website. We also offer social media posting and boosting to reach an even wider audience.

Search Engine Optimization (Add-on)

- 5 job-related keywords
- Monthly and one time optimization is available
- 1 page of content monthly

*CI Web Group, Inc. does not manage incoming applications at this time. Your hiring manager is responsible for scheduling, interviews, hiring, and onboarding.

Standard Recruitment

  • Custom Job Description
  • Website Job Board
  • LinkedIn Job Listing
  • Indeed Job Listing
  • Facebook Job Listing
  • 2 Posts on Facebook Brand Page
  • 2 Posts on LinkedIn Brand Page
  • Access to Hiring Social Media Graphics

Basic Recruitment

  • Job Description Template
  • Website Job Board
  • LinkedIn Job Listing
  • Indeed Job Listing
  • Facebook Job Listing
  • Access to Hiring Social Media Graphics


Get More Applicants

Add a boosting budget to your listing so applicants see your listing more often

Display Your Company Culture

Book a discovery call with one of our expert branding specialists

Get Found on Google

Marketing and advertising services to get found on Google when applicants are searching for jobs

Why use Digital Recruitment Marketing?

There are many benefits to using digital recruiting, such as the following:

Grow your company

While you can use traditional recruitment efforts, digital employment marketing can help you find candidates that meet your requirements but also your culture.

Reduce time-to-fill

In a study conducted by Aberdeen, with the use of recruitment marketing, 20 percent of companies have decreased their time-to-hire. A faster time-to-hire allows your business to onboard and start using the candidate's talents sooner.

Recruit across multiple channels

Much like traditional recruiting, you can also access additional channels with digital recruitment to create a comprehensive hiring strategy. This can include the use of online job boards as well as social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Partnering with an experienced agency, like CI Web Group, can offer you many benefits including: saving time, getting expert advice, hiring better candidates, and streamlining recruitment processes.

Talent acquisition's primary focus has been on marketing jobs, not marketing the company's brand value. A seamless strategy would include one brand and one core message that is personalized for the target audience and different channels. 

Digital recruitment give you access to data from each of the platforms you utilize, as well as the analytics for your careers page on your site. If you're receiving more applications, increasing brand awareness, or your candidates are more qualified, these would be a sign your recruitment marketing has paid off!

Successful social media recruitment involves creating a solid brand presence and making sure you are being transparent with your audience. It is important to provide insight into what it is like to work for your company- its values, benefits, and culture. 

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