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We love working with Goodman Dealers!

One of the benefits of working with CI Web Group as a Goodman Dealer is that we accept direct pay using your accruals. It’s one of the best ways to get marketing without having to pay out of pocket for the services. Your equipment sales pay for the service! 

Using Direct Pay with CI Web Group

Think of it this way, the more equipment sales that we can get for you, the more marketing dollars you’ll have to spend with us. It’s a symbiotic relationship where we both win! If you’re a Goodman dealer and this sounds like something you’d be interested in, just let us know and we’ll do the rest. 

Goodman Dealer Marketing Plans

 Not only do Goodman Dealers get to pay with their accruals throughout the year, not just in Springtime, but you also get special pricing on subscriptions. If you haven’t asked your TSM to get you hooked up with us, what are you waiting for? Just an FYI, if you’re looking to rank on Google, we have to work opposite seasons. This means to rank for summer, you’ve got to have a live site to optimize for search by December. 

Pay Per Lead Program: LeadsXM

If you’re in a large city with a high search volume, you may be a great candidate for our pay per lead program. When you sign up, we lock down your entire work region and do not run competitor campaigns. All ads are branded for you, we front the cost, you just pay per lead. Super easy! This is another great program that you can take advantage of as a Goodman Dealer.

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