Optimize by Keyword

Optimize by Keyword

Do more of what's working, Add another service or city

Why choose individual keywords?

Choosing singular SEO keywords offers an in-between model that helps businesses looking to establish an online presence. By selecting services from a menu of options, and getting guidance to best serve your businesses’ needs, you can discover crucial online services without exceeding your marketing budget.

What is Keyword Competition?

Keyword competition is the measure of how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword based on the number of search results. The competition for a keyword can vary depending on how popular the keyword is and industry competition.

Choose your plan

Low Competition

$ 100 Per Month Per Service + City
(Keyword + Geo Target)
  • Less Than 500k
    Competitive Search
  • 2 Hours Monthly

Medium Competition

$ 200
Per Month Per Service + City
(Keyword + Geo Target)
  • 500k - 1.2 Million Competitive Search Results
  • 4 Hours Monthly

High Competition

$ 300
Service + Per Month Per City
(Keyword + Geo Target)
  • More Than 1.2 Million Competitive Search Results
  • 6 Hours Monthly

Additional Keyword Examples

If you are introducing a new product to you line, for example Ductless, you may want to purchase the keyword “Ductless Install Near Me”

If you are looking to expand business to a new city, you may want to purchase “AC Repair in (new city)

If you are wanting to push high efficiency units with the new DOE Regulation changes, you may way to purchase “High Efficiency AC Units Near Me”

How is CI Web Group different?

Getting to the top page of Google not only takes time, but it takes a high level of expertise which is exactly what we bring to the table. The SEO team is a strong group of individuals with the same mindset, passion for success. The environment we will share with you is that of transparency, data-driven results, and a hunger for growth.  

Search Engine Optimization is a confusing subject to navigate as a business, which is why we are here so you don’t have to. With the technology world constantly evolving, we stay up to date on the many variables that lead to successful SEO. 

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keyword is a word that describes the content on your page or post best. It’s the search term that you want to rank for with a certain page. So when people search for that keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, they should find that page on your website.

SEO is all about meeting the needs of human users, so when selecting effective keywords, it’s critical to consider the searchers intent.


What does a person hope to find when they search a specific word or phrase in their search engine?

When you search a term or phrase on Google, it provides you with the number of search results underneath the search bar. This is also known as the Search Volume.


There are many tools use to find search volumes like SpyFu, Moz, and SEMRush, but we like to use Google Ads keyword planner. Google knows how its users search better than any 3rd party platform, which is why it is our go-to platform. It only makes sense to use the tool they provide to find what is expected for each month, season, and year. 

Once you have determined what keywords you need to optimize it is important to know — not every placement of a keyword is equal. There are certain places on your website that are more optimal than others for SEO like the following: 

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Headings & Content
  • Images Titles & Alt Text
  • URLs

Titles are the HTML element used to describe the topic of a webpage. You'll find them in search engine result page and in the tab of your internet browser. 

so it's easier for searchers to identify that your results are relevant to other query

It is important to put your keywords in the title so it's easier for searchers to identify that your results are relevant.


Descriptions, or meta descriptions, are shown in search results below the title and URL.
website description in search browser


Why is it important to rank on Google?

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Google's Market Share

With Google owning the majority of the search engine market share, it is important to take your Google ranking seriously. If you can’t make your website visible on the first page of the relevant keyword searches, you might not get any traffic from Google searches. In fact, in a study done by Uberall, 90% of users click on the first set of results. Chances are, if you can’t find your desired results on the first page, you’ll end up changing your query, instead of looking at the second page.