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The #1 Industry Solution to Sell Your Services the Right Way and Get Paid From a Distance Daily


The Smart HVAC Contractor’s Hack For More Sales During This Crisis With One Simple Move Using Your Accruals Or Direct Pay

(Starting From Just $59)

It’s not a magic bullet, but it works like magic.

Get a VIRTUAL SALES AND SERVICE environment that effectively increases your sales by removing ALL obstacles from the sales process during these trying times.

The industry is changing and this comprehensive website add-on will help you provide better, safer, and faster service in today’s ever changing environment. Now you can:

  • DIAGNOSE your customers’ systems with our virtual diagnostic solutions that will be added to your website using your accrual funds or direct pay
  • Show your customers that REPAIRS won’t be an issue for them, you will know what to do in advance using virtual inspection and you will be in and out in no time, always 6ft apart
  • REPLACEMENT becomes a breeze with free virtual consultation before you actually visit their home
  • Help them SAVE money with straightforward financing options, specials, promotions, and discounts all through your new merchant account and gateway (included)
  • MAINTAIN their heating and cooling systems with less effort, while maintaining contact with your customers through a cutting-edge virtual sales environment

Most companies don’t have time to completely revamp their website to make it more relevant in today’s climate, but need a quick solution to serve customers.  Here are 3 options you can subscribe to on a monthly or annual plan. 

Note – These are approved for Accruals and Direct Pay solutions.

In order to fully leverage all of the functionality in the Virtual Sales and Service Center, you will need to sign up and provide credentials for the following:

  • Clearant Merchant Account – Apply Here 
  • Merchant Gateway with Stripe – Apply Here
  • Zoom Basic Account for Each Employee – Sign Up Here

Other dealers have to:

  • Accept the fact that some otherwise would-be customers now don’t want them in their household
  • Get rejected due to COVID-19 worries 
  • Spend more on marketing to get less sales during the crisis
  • Face issues while trying to provide the actual service with physical presence

On the other hand, the dealers who choose to implement the VSS solution won’t have to deal with any of the above, and will also:

  1. Close sales faster and without the overhead cost of driving back and forth
  2. Minimize time for job completion 
  3. Minimize risk
  4. Be appreciated for their due diligence
  5. Benefit from word of mouth for their awesome and cutting-edge home services solutions
  6. Add another stream of revenue for when things get back to normal in a few months

    And All That Without:
  • Spending money on a fully new website
  • Or investing more in a complete marketing package

Your existing customers and prospects will thank you for this. It’s time to thrive in the new normal. All you have to do is schedule a call with one of our strategists, and we will take it from there.

You can also avail yourself of our perfect services at the lowest cost.

Online Scheduling System

Simple Add on Solution for Any Website
$ 50 Monthly or $600 Annual
  • Client Portal Page
  • Web Conversion Forms
  • Online Lead Capture Widget
  • Online Document Sharing
  • Online Scheduling
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Virtual Zoom Meetings
  • Email Campaigns
  • 250 Text Campaign Credits
* Taxes and fees may apply

AI Chatbot for Website and Facebook

Simple Add on Solution for Any Website
$ 50 Monthly or $600 Annual
  • Online Scheduling
  • Virtual Zoom Meetings
  • Online Document Sharing
  • Email & Text Marketing System
  • Call Tracking Integration
  • Link to Capture Reviews
  • Link to Schedule Appointment
  • Link to Click to Call
  • Online Troubleshooting for HVAC
* Taxes and fees may apply

Virtual Appointment Page

We can add this page to almost any existing website.
$ 300 One Time
  • Custom Page
  • Virtual Diagnostics or Service Product (2)
  • Integrate your One Time Payment Checkout Button
* Taxes and fees may apply

Here's a sample Virtual Service Page

Virtual Service Center

Simple Add on Solution for Any Website
$ 299 Monthly or $3,588 Annual
  • Online Scheduling
  • Virtual Zoom Meetings
  • Online Document Sharing
  • Email & Text Marketing System
  • Take Payments Online (Stripe)
  • AI Chatbot for Website
  • AI Chatbot for Facebook
  • Chatbot HVAC Troubleshooting
  • Recurring Subscription Integration
  • Merchant Account Integration
  • Virtual Sales Website
  • Maintenance Subscription System (Max 3)
  • One Time Product Sale (Max 3)
  • Filter Subscription System (Max 1)
  • Filter Give Away Promotion (List Builder)
  • Virtual Sales Center (Bolt onto current site or stand alone)
  • Automated Payment Retries
  • SSL Security
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Help Desk Support
* Taxes and fees may apply

Here's a sample Virtual Service and Sales Site

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