Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are used for campaigns that promote a business. Some businesses use them for Pay Per Click campaigns, others for social media or print advertising. For HVAC businesses, most use one for AC ads, one for Heating ads, and one for IAQ ads. The pages are meant to have messaging that encourages a potential customer to convert. There are 3 primary mindset types for HVAC customers: Quality, Speed, and Price. Using a landing page to convey the messaging that your customer is looking for, means you are more likely to get a conversion. 

What is a Conversion?

Call or Text

Whether you're calling or texting, if it's coming from a landing page, you'll want a call tracking line so you can track lead data.


Whether it is a live chat or an AI Chat, there are many busy, multitasking individuals that love to chat versus call or text.

Forms / Scheduler

Let your customer submit their information online so you can reach back out at a later time convenient for everyone.

Online Purchase

If you're selling equipment online, the ultimate conversion is a purchase on your website. Every buy can be tracked by Analytics.

Do Landing Pages Affect My SEO?

It depends. If you use your landing page to send over paid traffic, typically the page will be set to No follow, No index, so the amount of words on the page will not have an effect on your website’s quality score, which is good! Typically we like our landing pages to be squeeze pages so they load fast, are simple to take in, and make get in touch with our customer easy. 

Use for Contests and Branded Events

On the other hand, sometimes we have customers that choose to promote a contest or a branded event. Those are the kinds of pages that we want to have indexing on search. We encourage you to promote these on social media, through video campaigns, and word of mouth! Making these pages easy to find on search will increase the conversions you have coming in and give you more data. 

How Long Does it Take to Make a Landing Page

Give us a call and we’ll give you a more set in stone ETA, but typically it is within 2 weeks of purchase. When you’re starting a new campaign, you’ll want to give your marketing company around 2-3 weeks to get everything set up, so all pieces of the puzzle are in place. If you’re interested in getting a quote for a campaign or landing page, just let us know!

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