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Watch the Season 2 Episode of Accelerated HVAC Success
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Accelerated HVAC Success Season 2 Has Officially Started!

Here is the official lineup for Season 2 of Accelerated HVAC Success:

You can also collaborate with us online at 

The Accelerated HVAC Success program has been great so far! 3 out of the 4 dealers has participated and taken advantage of CI Web Group’s web design and digital marketing services. We look forward to showing off what we can do to raise the bottom line for contractors. Small or large, there’s a track for you.

It’s all about doing the right things, in the right order, at the right time! 

Join us and watch Season 1, Episode 3 of the Accelerated HVAC Success Program

We encourage you to come back throughout the Accelerated HVAC Success show to get updates on how our 6 chosen dealers are performing online. This is going to be an awesome show and we are so thankful to be a part of it!

Starring in the Accelerated HVAC Success show, CI Web Group is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in the home services industry, essentially local service businesses. By settling into our unique niche, we’ve been able to outline the do’s and don’ts of marketing an HVAC business. This episode of the Accelerated HVAC Success program highlights how CI Web Group performs an initial analysis of a website. 

Accelerated HVAC Success | The HVAC Marketing Guide | CI Web Group

Download the HVAC Marketing Guide to See Exactly What We Offer:

We operate on full transparency with flat rate pricing that is online and easily accessible. To put it simply, CI Web Group grows HVAC businesses of all shapes and sizes. There is a plan for every size dealer. 

Download the HVAC Marketing Guide and then just text us what you’re interested in. We make working with us simple so business owners can put time and focus on everything else they have on their plate. 

Some of the Highlights:

We covered a lot in this episode, we know. Let’s break it down for you so it’s a bit more digestible. 

How Does the Website Feel?

When a user gets on the website, how do they feel. We all know what a nice, clean website feels like. The CI Web Group team breaks down the key pieces to a website’s overall feeling

Current Website Rankings

The 6 HVAC Dealers chosen to participate in the Accelerated HVAC Success program started out with zero rankings. They had poor linking structure, some had no meta data, and 2 actually started out with a pack of toxic backlinks that our team had to work double time to disavow at the beginning of the project. We spent a lot of time going over the items we fix with a dedicated SEO plan

Call to Actions

It may seem small, but when it comes to the amount of conversions that a website gets, every call to action matters. Our team goes over where we should have strategically placed call to actions that will further enhance the number of users choosing to do business with these contractors. 

Social Media Buttons

Once again, it may seem not as important as other pieces of the puzzle, but we promise you they are a huge part of showing that a business is legitimate. People may never actually even click on those buttons, but having them there assures leads they are working with a quality business. 

So What’s Next in the Accelerated HVAC Success Program?

Well, we’ve got a MAJOR reveal coming up, so stay tuned! The websites turned out B-E-A-U-tiful (yes, that’s a Bruce Almighty quote!) if we say so ourselves. At the time of us writing this page, we have rankings for all 6, which makes us jump up and down with glee. AND each contractor is seeing increased organic leads coming in thanks to SEO, which is a huge win in the middle of Corona Winter 2020 (ugh!). Once we get the reveal recorded, produced, and uploaded, we’ll add it to this page. Feel free to bookmark this and come back later!!

How Do You Think the Websites Turned Out?

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