Marketing Company Near Me

Marketing Company Near Me

So, you're searching for a "Marketing Company Near Me"...

Many business owners find themselves typing Marketing Company Near Me when doing research for reasonable agency options. In fact, more than likely, you clicked on this page from a search online and are now here because of the marketing efforts of our team. So, we’ve proven that we can drive traffic to your website. Now let’s talk about the CI Web Group, Inc. philosophy.

What Sets CI Web Group Apart?

One of the things that our customers love the most about us is that we don’t do long term contracts. Why? Let us explain.. When digital marketing companies only offer long term contracts, you’re having to pay for services even if 3 months down the road they go totally haywire and stop providing results. That’s not cool. You should have the ability to fire an agency when you feel it’s necessary. 

Why No Contracts?

When we have to earn your business every single day, there’s no off days, or not providing the best service possible. Every single time we interact with you, we want you to become better from it. That being said, we also don’t sugar coat things. If that’s what you’re looking for. We are not that company. Our customers pay us to hear the truth, even if it sucks. We’d rather tell you that something isn’t working so your can reallocate the spend into something that will or so that you can save that money altogether. 

Marketing Company Near Me that Actually Gets Results

Not only do we create increases to sales and overall revenue, but we give you full transparency on your project. In fact, within 72 hours of the start of your SEO plan, you have login to our project management platform and you can be interacting with the real humans doing the work. CI Web Group (the marketing company near you) also offers realtime reports so if you want to check your data at 2 AM (we don’t judge), then heck yeah – GO for it!

24/7 Digital Marketing Agency

Oh, did we forget to mention that our Help Desk is open 24/7? That means if you’re up at 2 AM and you’re finally getting around to reaching out to us for a website change or addition, we’re here and will do our bestest to have it done for you by the time you wake up in the morning! Okay, all jokes aside, 97.2% of our Help Desk requests are closed within 48 hours. That’s a number that we are actually really strict on internally, because we believe that your requests are beyond important. 

Online Marketing Company Near Me with White Glove Service

It doesn’t just stop at 24/7 service or making fixes to websites. We also create graphics for your marketing too – and oftentimes at no extra cost (ask about our account maintenance plans). We’ve got an excellent group of strategists, IT specialist, content writers, advertisers, professional SEO services specialists, and so much more. If it’s online marketing, we probably do it or can refer you to another company that we trust who can help you.

You Keep Ownership of Your Business Assets

Some things we hear all the time are, “My marketing guy is holding my logins hostage” or “I can’t get access to my Google My Business because my past agency”. We refuse to be that company. Our policy is that you delegate access to our team. We want to be managers, not owners. If you use Google Domains or GoDaddy, you delegate us access to your domain registrar. If you already have all of your Google Analytics and Search Console set up, just add us in as admin without the ability to add / remove users. It’s beyond important to us that our customers know that we value how they feel when they work with us.

Searching for a Marketing Company Near Me?

CI Web Group, Inc. may not actually be near you, but that’s okay. We actually operate nationwide and in Canada as well! We are the Preferred Digital Marketing Agency for many of the highest valued HVAC manufacturers in today’s market. That is because we are excellent at getting local businesses to rank, BUT we also do eCommerce for businesses that are selling products online. 

We welcome you to browse through our site, take a look and see if we are the “Marketing Company Near Me” that you are looking for.

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