Content Tiers

Content Tiers

Understanding Website Content Tiers

There are different types of writing with different purposes.
SEO Tier Content - CI Web Group
Conversion Tier Content - CI Web Group
Personal Tier Content - CI Web Group

What is SEO Tier Content?

SEO content is used to get a search engine indexing your webpage. This content is used to reach certain metrics such as low duplicity score, keyword ratio, content to HTML ratio, as well as to keep your posting frequent enough that Google is crawling your website at reasonable intervals. The sole purpose of this content is to drive interest from search engines at a cost-effective price point. If you are on a 12 Step Fast Track plan, this is the content that you’ll be receiving. This is the content listed in Step 2 of the 12 Step Roadmap.

What is Conversion Tier Content?

Conversion content is written as a way to dilute the SEO content. This content type will typically “sandwich” the search engine optimized content that is on your website. Written with the consumer in mind, these content pieces drive action from the viewer by highlighting the pathway to a conversion. This may include driving a website visitor to schedule online or to purchase a product or service.

*Please remember to fill out your Conversion Tier profile so we have the details we need in order to curate this custom content!

What is Custom Tier Content?

Growing a business oftentimes means running press releases, advertising your participation in community events, highlighting strategic partnerships, and many more very visible activities. When running these campaigns, you’ll need well thought-out writing, images, and even videos to relay your message. Schedule a strategy for a custom quote!

Content marketing is your voice online. If you stop creating, it’s like standing still – until you start moving backwards. That being said, there’s different content tiers that CI Web Group offers. Each of these writing plans have different intentions and price points. If you’re on an SEO plan, you get SEO content. If you’re curating a press release, you get custom writing that requires an interview and approvals before publishing.  Now, let’s take a look at the plans!

SEO Content

Get found on Search
$100/per page
  • 300-400 Words of Content
  • Content Transfer (if applicable)
  • Meta Data Creation
  • One Stock Image
  • Addition to Main Menu (if applicable)

Conversion Content

Convert your web traffic
$200/per page
  • 300-400 Words of Content
  • 2 Rounds of Changes
  • Content Transfer (if applicable)
  • Meta Data Creation
  • One Stock Image
  • Addition to Main Menu (if applicable)
  • Requires Customer Participation
  • Requires Customer Profile Completion

Custom Content

For highly visible projects
Contact us
  • Press Releases
  • eBooks
  • Event Campaigns
  • Presentations
  • Ghost Writing
  • and more!

Interested in Converting More Leads?

Make sure to check out our conversion optimization plans for more details! We offer both one time and monthly conversion optimization plans so that you can get the most out of your incoming traffic.