Financing for HVAC Companies

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Financing for HVAC Companies

Why Should
You Offer It?

More than ever, homeowners are moving towards using financing to fund their lifestyles. In the HVAC industry, it’s becoming quite rare to find a company who’s not offering their customers the opportunity to choose how they’d like to pay. Choosing who you work with is not a decision to take lightly. If you’re interested in learning more about options available to you, keep reading!

Encourage more online applications using a seamless integration process

Choosing Your Financing Provider

Flexible Options that look great on paper

Financing companies allow you to advertise extremely competitive offers like low monthly payments or no-interest financing. You customers have learned to expect that when shopping for a product or service, and they’re a lot more likely to choose an HVAC provider who showcases these offers on their website and social media.

Easy Application Process

Furthermore, your customers have grown used to being able to apply for financing online when going through their buying process. Sometimes they’ll even feel a bit uncomfortable writing down their personal information on a sheet of paper and would much rather input it through a secure online portal so their personal details can stay safe. Make sure your financing company offers great web integration for a great customer experience!

Give your customers the control. They know they need service, you know they need service.
Make it an easier decision to say "yes".

Which Financing Company

Is right for your HVAC business?

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, we know you’ve seen a lot of different options with all sorts of different features that “set them apart” and make them better than all the rest. We’re not here to give you a spiel on which one to choose. The ones we have listed below are ones we’re worked with, seen success with, and our customers seem to like them. Feel free to reach out and see if they are a good fit. 


Excellent Web Integration

OPTIMUS uses Soft Pull technology to quickly help a customer get to the right lending or leasing products.

Good Leap

Inverter Financing

Driving sustainability one house at a time. They offer financing for high efficiency homes and focus on customer experience.


Best looking in advertisements

With some of the lowest monthly payments on the market, drive more sales of high efficiency equipment quickly.

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