Google Pay Per Click

Google Pay Per Click

Why Should I Consider Paid Advertising Through Google Ads (PPC)?

Enter the typical “spend money to make money” business practice.  With Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you pay only for engagement – meaning clicks on your ads. There are certain times where these programs can be extremely profitable, like advertising HVAC tune ups during shoulder seasons. 

Do I Qualify For CI Web Group’s PPC program?

We start with a strategy session to see what you’d like your focus to be on, what a comfortable budget is for your business, and give you an idea what all we provide. If your business is not applicable at this time, we have other options that may work well for you and your budget.

How often should I run PPC campaigns?

During choice times throughout the year, depending on the industry that you are in. Because your potential and current customers are online 24/7, you’ll want to keep your brand front and center right around the clock as well. And as Pay Per Click advertising is iterative, each campaign builds up on its predecessors, displaying ads day and night to selected consumers.

Google Pay Per Click Strategies

By refining and expanding your targeted keyword lists, you step up your PPC click-through rates, with more effective costs per click and higher profits. Keyword selection encompasses the most common terms in your specific market, of course. But spreading use of personal digital assistants (like Alexa and Siri) mean that long-tail keywords now account for much search-driven traffic. More specific and thus more selective, they are crucial elements in your PPC strategy. Better still, they are also less competitive and less expensive.

Schedule a PPC Strategy!

This is why it’s important to relate your keywords closely to the goods and services that you sell. After all, you don’t want to be paying for clicks that are unrelated to your business! If your business fulfills all the criteria listed above, we will create a strategy specific for your company during our strategy session.

Can I handle PPC campaigns in-house?

Of course you can! Provided that you have the necessary software and know-how, of course, plus plenty of time for analyzing reports, tweaking keywords, shuffling placement schedules, exploring new media channels and measuring each ad in terms of clicks, leads, conversions and sales. After all, you certainly want the highest possible returns on your digital marketing investments, don’t you?

Here’s a quick overview of what’s needed for effective PPC campaign management:

All these activities are steered by regular performance reports (usually monthly) underpinned by a wide variety of parameters offered by digital marketing suites.

So why do I want more clicks?

People clicking on your ads are already interested in your goods or services. And for a company with a monthly SEO services and content writing budget of at least $600, the best way to skyrocket your results is with paid ads since you’ve got your SEO Company in Houston TX.

Clicking on your ad takes mildly interested readers straight to your landing page. So make sure you’re well prepared to welcome these visitors. An effective campaign conversion page should have at least 500 well-written words, with promotions, images, videos, and a contact form. Other attractions include certifications, awards, and length of time in business, with links to case studies and customer reviews.

Persuasive content tailored to specific queries is vital here, with an eye-catching layout and clear calls to action. Popular CTAs include GET A FREE QUOTE! and SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER!  – and doesn’t that sound like an easy way of driving pre-screened traffic to your website?

It’s really simple: appealing ads with relevant keywords attract more clicks. And more clicks mean more landing page traffic, leads – and more conversions!

Calling in the PPC experts!

However, if you’d rather focus your time and energy on building up your core business, the digital marketing gurus at CI Web Group are happy to help. In general, PPC advertising is recommended for companies with annual sales of over $3 million and a PPC budget of at least $ 3500 (although this may vary by location).

We like to meet with our clients at least once a quarter, making sure that we are all pursuing the same goals, with management fees (20%) paid monthly.

If you feel that we could help you reach your sales targets, we’ll be happy to discuss cost-effective ways of achieving this through customized Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. Just click on the button below to apply for our Pay Per Click program!

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What's the Difference Between Google Local Services Ads and Traditional Pay Per Click?

Another great way to start generating leads as a local service business is by utilizing Google Local Services Ads (LSA), also known as Google Guaranteed, increase your visibility on the search engine. There are some some very important differences between the two advertising options, that should be considered before starting a campaign. Please take a moment to watch this brief video that will outline the differences between the two options.

If you’re interested in having our team run a complimentary digital analysis on your business, let us know!