Call Tracking

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Call Tracking by CI Web Group

Call tracking is a system that tracks and saves all sorts of information from inbound phone calls to your business. In the present day, every serious business should have the ability to track calls.

Marketing campaigns cost time and money. To ensure you get the best out of them, you must first choose an honest and transparent digital marketing partner. The second thing is to get a leads tracking system in place. Like most web companies, we offer forms that trigger events in Google Analytics, but we go one step further and allow you to see phone call, listen to them, and track them so you can always be in the loop.

Our call tracking service lets you know what part of your marketing campaign is bringing in the results your business needs.

The days of asking your caller or website visitor how they found your business are long gone. You should know who is calling, where they’re calling from, and what magic word or ad led them to you in the first place. To get all these benefits of our Tracking Service, follow the CTA below.

Call Tracking | CI Web Group

Our System Allows You to:

  • Verify that your website is bringing you the majority of leads compared to other digital marketing activities
  • Understand exactly how these people ended up getting in touch with you
  • Figure out if there is room for improvement in the way your CSRs handle customer requests

How Does Tracking your Calls Benefit your Business?

  • Campaign Ascription:
    Our call tracking service provides insight into which channel produced each call. Welcome an era of informed decision making!
  • Keeping Up With Offline Engagements:
    Our tracking service lets you know what offline marketing efforts like flyers, newspaper ads, and radio and tv ads triggered calls. Although most modern businesses lay more emphasis on online ads, call tracking lets you know if your offline ads still pull some weight.
  • Keywords Follow Up:
    With our call tracking service, you’re able to tell which keywords are contributing to the cause and which ones are not doing so well. It lets you find out which keyword led each individual to your business or website.