Video Animation

Video Animation


One of the most powerful tools in the Digital Marketing world is video. While there are many types of video that businesses use, we’d like to put some focus on video animation. Animated videos take your message and make it easily digestible by your audience. They are extremely versatile in both style and type of video. For instance, these animations can be used for FAQ videos, brand awareness campaigns, active promotions, anything you can think of!

Check out this example of video animation:

Our video animation crew made us a really cool video to put out on social media and our Google remarketing campaign. Its purpose was to build up brand awareness, which is why there were no promotions. Just by asking people to check out our mobile site, it boosted our web traffic with an easy-no commitment engagement request. This is a great alternative to the usual posts that are pushing the consumer to spend money.

Examples of HVAC Video Animation

Custom Animated Videos

If you’re looking for video animation, the team at CI Web Group, Inc. can definitely help. All of our animated videos are custom at this time, so we do ask that you fill out the form below to let us know that you’re interested. Our team will schedule a strategy session with you and get your exact design specifications and the purpose of your video(s). Once the final design is approved, we send you the files and post them according to your plan. We make the process as simple as possible with our white glove service!