Digital Marketing for Plumbers

Digital Marketing for Plumbers

Digital Marketing for Plumbers: An Ultimate Guide to Increase Leads, Sales and Revenue

According to Google’s keyword planner, there are more than 3,310,000 searches every month for “plumber’ in the U.S., but if your phone is still not ringing, it’s the time for re-introspection. It is evident that instead of such a large number of searches if you lack enough phone calls or booked jobs, your competitors are stealing the show with digital marketing for plumbers.

We Are Here to Weed Out Unwarranted Investments and Give You A Proven Digital Marketing Plan That Works!

“I need more leads”.

We have come across this line thousands of times from our customers at CI Web Group, Inc. And we help plumbing businesses generate more leads. Most companies spend millions of dollars on different plans of HVAC digital marketing for plumbers, awaiting more leads to boost their revenue.

If you are already spending on your digital marketing and still not getting a noticeable result, you need to change the way of spending. CI Web Group, Inc. weeds out unproven and volatile digital marketing strategies from your business, and sow hyper-targeted plumbing internet marketing to cover you.

Have a question that needs an instant answer? Our plumbing marketing experts are ready to answer every question you throw at us! All you need to do is call.

Let’s proceed further!

Plumbing Marketing | Digital Marketing for Plumbers | CI Web GroupPlumber Marketing: From Where Do We Start?

This year, our plumber marketing strategies include more digital marketing for plumbers than ever before. It can be a little tricky to know which strategies will have the optimum impact on your business. Some of the proven digital marketing services that we offer to our clients to market their business include:

Let’s Start With Your Website

We Make Your Plumbing Business Website Mobile-friendly, Fast, and Smooth

Your website is the first thing your customers will notice when they search for plumbing businesses online. But having a website is not enough. It needs to be:

  • Fast:

    Loads in three seconds or less

  • Frictionless:

    Must have clear navigation, shortcuts, and helpful content

  • Mobile-Friendly:

    More than 60% of the online searches for plumbers happen on a mobile device. Thus, a click-to-call button on your website is a must-have now

CI Web Group, Inc. helps in auditing and editing your current website to make it mobile-friendly, fast, and secure. We add a click-to-call button so that it doesn’t take much time for your customers to reach you. We provide one of the best strategies for digital marketing for HVAC.

Get Immediate Plumbing Leads by Investing in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Wondering How Will This Work?

Pay-per-click advertising allows your plumbing business to be found on the first page of Google search and delivers fast results.

There are various types of PPC ads, and you need to take advantage of Google’s local service ad program to put your ad in front of the right audience.

Acquire The Most Coveted Place On Google With Local Service Ad

Our Local Service Ads are a part of digital marketing for plumbers and benefit you in two ways. First, your ad competes with your local rival plumbers or plumbing companies. Second, you pay per lead, which means that you pay when someone calls you.

At CI Web Group, Inc., we follow the local SEO process to optimize your website and maximize your visibility by:

  • Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business page
  • Optimizing your website metadata and headings
  • Adding schema markup to your website
  • Claiming and optimizing the online directory profiles for your business like:
  • HomeAdvisor
  • eLocal
  • Superpages
  • Yahoo Local
  • Yelp
  • DexKnows, and more

Invest in SEO For Plumbers for Sustainable Results

Search Engine Optimization Is One of The Best Ways to Get More Plumbing Leads in Your Area

The first step that you take after creating a lead-generating website is to make it visible online with SEO. If you are reading this, you are perhaps a plumber looking for useful tips to enhance the performance of your website.

Our SEO for plumbers should be your top priority because:

  • Your competitors are already inversing in SEO.
  • Though it takes time to see results, SEO is a long-term marketing investment.
  • SEO drives 93% of the online search results, and more than 45% of people click on the first three search results.
  • The plumbing industry is highly competitive, and to position your brand on page one of Google, you need Search Engine Optimization today.

CI Web Group, Inc. is the best plumber marketing company for creating remarkable SEO campaigns for your business. We follow the proven and best SEO practices to rank your business on Google.

Email Marketing for Plumbing Businesses: Stay in Touch With Your Customers and Leads

You Can Keep in Touch With Your Previous Customers and Unclosed Prospects through Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with your existing customer base and unclosed prospects. If you think about who reads emails, you must know that more than 34% of the people in the U.S. open their emails. And if the percentage seems a bit lesser, you must know the amount in numeric – it’s about 1,12,540,902 people!

Our well implemented email campaigns,

  • Generate more sales through special offers and rebates
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Keep you in touch with your customers

Take Advantage of The Social Media Platforms for Your Plumbing Business

Engage Your Target Audience and Differentiate Your Brand

You can’t ignore the pace of social media. In today’s market, social media is the fastest-growing tool for marketing businesses.

Setting up your social media profiles allows you to reach a significant chunk of your target audience. Our social media campaigns are highly customized and improve the overall performance of your digital marketing campaign.

Incorporate Video Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Establish Your Brand as An Authority in Your Community With Video Marketing

Every plumbing business must post at least one video on its website. More than one-third of online activity is spent watching videos of every kind. And your rival plumbers are taking note.

Our video marketing campaign will:

  • Increase engagement to your website
  • Convey your competitive difference to your website visitors

We create and place relevant videos where needed. A video increases the chance of your website to rank #1 on Google by 53%.

Well, this is not enough! We have more to give to your brand and the world.

CI Web Group, Inc. is the best-fitted digital marketing agency, which also covers HVAC marketing. If you are searching for an HVAC marketing company that covers all services related to HVAC, and plumbing marketing then You can contact us at (877) 839-1122.

We are the most reliable plumbing marketing experts! Contact us today, and know more about a unique digital marketing solution for your plumbing business. We offer all the services of SEO for HVAC contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing Internet Marketing


Q: What Is Digital Marketing for Plumbers?

Ans: Digital marketing for plumbers includes all the marketing strategies that take place online. From pay per click, SEO, SMM, website, online videos to your business listing on plumbing directories like HomeAdvisor, everything is a part of a digital marketing plan for plumbers.

Q: Why Should Plumbers Invest in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Plumbers need to invest in digital marketing because more than 97% of people search online while looking for plumbing services in their area, whenever required. If your plumbing company doesn’t have a better online presence, your rival plumbers will win more booked jobs.

Q: How Much Should I Invest in Digital Marketing for Plumbers?

You need a unique digital marketing plan for your plumbing business. Depending upon the package that you choose for your digital marketing and the services included in the plan, your investment can be anywhere from $3000 to over $10000 every month.

Q: What Will A Plumbing Marketing Agency Do for My Business?

Ans: A digital marketing agency for plumbers helps you enhance your online presence and improve your business to generate more leads, customers, and revenue through customized and professional digital marketing campaigns.

Q: Can I Run My Digital Marketing Campaign On My Own?

Ans: There is nothing wrong with running your digital marketing campaign unless you can afford to lose prospect leads until you become a pro. However, it is easy for anyone to learn digital marketing and manage their campaigns. But a professionally managed digital marketing campaign gets you a better result in a shorter time.

Q: What Digital Marketing Services Do You Provide to Plumbers?

Ans: We provide a complete range of digital marketing services to the plumbers that include everything like:

  • Website Designing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • And more

Q: Does CI Web Group, Inc. Have Enough Experience in Digital Marketing For Plumbers?

Ans: We are a one-stop solution for digital marketing for plumbers. We have an expert team of digital marketers who are specialized in the field. With years of knowledge of the field, we can handle the digital marketing of your business and get your expected results.