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Small Business CRM


Integrating a CRM system into your business is a great way to build efficiencies that will save you time and money. The goal of any good CRM solution begins with the ability to store all the operational information about your business in a highly secure and organized location. Then a CRM provides you with the ability to utilize numerous different functions to leverage the information in many different ways. This functionality helps create multiple efficiencies and opportunities in the operations of your business.

Just imagine having information about potential customers, current customers, support tickets, financial information such as account receivable, and vendor information such as accounts payable, all in one system. You can literally run your business from a computer or mobile app, from anywhere, and instantaneously be able to tell how to make important decisions when it comes to your business. If you find yourself in a position where you’re saying the words “I think”, ”I believe”, or “I feel”, then it’s time to get out of that mindset and be able to say, “I know”!

What you can do is limitless:

  • Your customers and prospects information is safely stored.
  • Create and manage lead generation forms.
  • Easily create and distribute proposals & quotes.
  • Online invoicing system.
  • Give backend access rights to your contacts, contractors, and employees.
  • Use custom date to organize and filter your business network.
  • Integrate Customer Service efforts.
  • Send group messages to your users and customers.
  • Allows Data Analysis & Measurement in order to obtain better results.

Being able to accurately measure the results of your efforts is vital to improving your business. Most importantly, a CRM system provides you with the analytics, and the reporting to continue shape-shifting your efforts. Thus allowing you to obtain better results faster, and with less effort.

Marketing is really about three things. Your ability to connect, engage, and convert. Conversion strategies are critical for any business owner, and often missed. When it comes to creating a blog post… and not asking for the business. Creating a video… and not asking for new lead to get generated, you are simply missing out on potential opportunities. A CRM can help you convert. A CRM system will also focus on allowing you to measure and improve the results.

By integrating a CRM application into your website, you’re able to create digital marketing campaigns that line up with each activity. For instance, every campaign can have a web form. The web form can be placed on your website, a blog post, a sales page, social media, and inside a video description. The bottom line is, by being able to integrate a CRM system with your marketing efforts, you can actually tell what’s working and what’s not. It’s not just about generating traffic, generating likes and shares and so forth. It’s all about creating new leads and opportunities. Think about this, if you have a marketing activity that generates two and three hundred leads or opportunities for you, but your closing rate is only five or six deals out of each campaign, then you probably want to change what you’re doing, in order to create better results.

The ultimate goal is to create marketing activities that are creating qualified leads for your business that converts quickly. By identifying successful marketing activities that produce the best quality leads, which convert into opportunities and customers, we can save you time, therefore increasing the overall profit for each individual deal you bring in.

Regardless of the industry in which you work, or the services you provide, the number one way to get ahead is to generate sales. At CI Web Group the importance of HVAC lead generation, plumbing lead generation, electrician lead generation and contractor lead generation does not go unattended. We understand that the reasoning behind digital marketing is to distribute the name of your brand or company to a larger audience, creating more views with our bold, interesting website design and informative and interesting content. Everything is designed explicitly to transform prospective clients to leads, and eventual sales. The bottom line in any business is what is most important and the only way to increase revenue is to show more clients what you have to offer.