Why Do You Need a Small Business CRM?

Why Do You Need a Small Business CRM?

Why Do You Need a Small Business CRM?

One of the first steps into becoming a real, organized organization is getting a small business CRM system. These are so important because it touches your customer at all points in their lifecycle, allows your internal team to tag contacts, as well as organize re-marketing campaigns. Let’s take a deeper looking into the workflow of the Online Scheduling System.

Schedule Appointments Online

A small business CRM allows you to schedule appointments online with ease. This can be convenient for busy consumers who may be looking to book a call or services after-hours. For reference, here’s ours:

Pretty cool huh?

Once someone chooses to book with us, it comes into our system as a meeting request. We can either accept, decline, or suggest another time which makes it really easy for our team to customize their schedules. Another really cool aspect is that you can put time buffers on booked appointments. So let’s say you move to book time with Kimberly Marshall, her Online Scheduling System profile is set to have 15-minute buffers in between her meetings that way she has time to document, put in tickets & notes, or just run and grab some water before the next call. This enhances the quality of your employee’s time on the clock.

Forms Only – No Scheduling

If you’re not a fan of scheduling a specific time, you can instead just gather a potential customer’s information so one of your CSRs can call them at their convenience. When the form is filled out (this also goes for when they are choosing a time as well), a customer profile is created in the system. You’ll be able to choose the information that you would like a customer to share before your appointment or call and have that added to the form.

Customer Tags

Tagging your customers in your small business CRM is beyond important! This gives you the ability to mass re-market your business to your existing customer base. Why is that so important? Automation.

Automating your customer reach out efforts make things like email marketing and top of mind marketing so much more effective. You can send out very targeted messaging based on when and what your customer purchased, demographics, offers that are for certain cities or counties — the options are endless.

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