Lorenzo Pearson – VP of Finance and Technology

Lorenzo Pearson – VP of Finance and Technology

Lorenzo Pearson heads up our finance, legal and technical support departments. These are a perfect fit for his pragmatic and logical thought process. Lorenzo sees things as they are, with a traditional black and white approach. His interest is in protecting the client and the company, with a fair and practical approach to his interactions internally and externally. Bottom line, he does what’s right for all parties. He is also a researcher, independent Wikipedia and like the company askjeeves.com. Be prepared for a lot of questions, time to analyze/research and a short and to the point summation of all the information.

He would be an incredible attorney, but instead, decided to plant his roots here with CI Web Group. With a high C and D personality, he is an analytical driver with a passion for unemotional logic. Beam me up Scotty, we might have just found our Data. Lorenzo played semi-pro basketball, ran an international brand Got Game and can be found in TV Commercials, Radio Ads and acting in plays in his “spare time”.

You can reach the accounting department at ap@ciwebgroup.com.

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