Why Should You Hire CI Web Group as Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Why Should You Hire CI Web Group as Digital Marketing Companies?

We at CI Web Group, Inc. are an award-winning digital marketing agency located in Houston, TX. We offer excellent local SEO services for businesses all over the USA and Canada.

Low Customer Churn Rates

CI Web Group, Inc. began in 2005 and has helped thousands of business grow over the years. We have one of the lowest customer churn rates in the industry at just 1.4%. This means we make customers for life!

No Long Term Contracts

One reason why our customers love us is that we don’t do long-term contracts . Our SEO services are month-to-month and we don’t try to lock customers into multi-year plans.

We are Customer Advocates

At CI Web Group, Inc., we aren’t just SEO professionals; we’re marketers, designers, developers and SEO specialists all in one. Most importantly, we are customer advocates, meaning we come to bat for you, we’re in it to win it. Being SEO veterans allows us to quickly adapt to any situation or circumstance that comes our way.

We are Convenient

If SEO is important to your business, we’d love to schedule a free digital evaluation with you. We work remote, which makes it even more convenient for you as our customer. Our services include dynamic reporting, so it updates directly from your Google Analytics each month.

We are Transparent

We operate on full transparency. We even give you access to our project management system so you can see the good and the bad. SEO is a long-term strategy, patience is needed. Not everything will happen over night – it takes time – sometimes lots of time – to rank on the first page of Google for competitive keywords.

Honesty & Accuracy

We promise to always provide honest and accurate information about your website’s SEO health. It is beyond important to us that you have confidence in our team to make consistent results happen.

Free Digital Evaluations

Contact us today! We offer free digital evaluations on any website. Whether you are in HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Law, Medicine, or even a local storefront, we’ve done it all! We even offer a Pay Per Lead program for HVAC Contractors!

We love SEO, and we want to work with you. Get started today!

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