What is SEO and How Will it Help My Business?

Search engine optimization is not just a good idea, it is essential for any growing business. Every effective HVAC website is designed to purposefully lead visitors to the site and convert them to active customers. But, what if no one visits the site? What if I type in my keywords or services and it is still at the bottom of page 10 or 20 when I get the results of my search?

This is where understanding how search engines work becomes beneficial. A good site developer knows how the search engine operates and how to utilize its power. Google, one of the largest search engines, is used by about 84% of the people searching for businesses and information. Therefore, it is critical to understand the algorithm Google uses and applies to your site whenever someone enters a search that is a key area for your business.

As a website owner, your goal is to have your website show up on page one, in position one whenever someone submits a key phrase search that “fits” your business or service. It is possible and very doable, so let’s find out how to get there and then stay at that number one position.

The first thing every website owner needs to do is decide what the key focus is. Identify your primary service or services and go after that, first locally and then trans- locally. Make them the focus by choosing 5 or 6 key phrases that potential customers would most likely use if they were trying to find the services that you offer and are focusing on.

These key phrases should be primary phrases. Later we will add secondary and tertiary phrases to capture some more specific searches. For example, if your business is HVAC, then “heating”,” air conditioning”, “heating and air”, “air-conditioning systems”, could all be primary key phrases for your site. From the primary phrases, a list of secondary service phrases can be easily derived by adding service words such as “installation of heating systems”,” installation of air conditioning”, “repair of…”

You may also want to add a geographic designation such as “heating in Anywhere, USA”, etc. A tertiary key phrase may be something like “indoor air quality of your air conditioning system”. Since these lists can quickly become convoluted and expensive, monitoring for SEO needs to be limited to those first 5 or 6 key phrases at first. Once those phrases move to the goal position, other phrases can be targeted.

There are some good training resources provided by Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group, to teach you how to discover just where your business site ranks in a google search for any of your key phrases. This link will take you to an online webinar where she literally guides you through the SEO monitoring setup. You will see how some HVAC businesses moved up to the goal position of page one, position one, by following her easy-to-follow method.

It does not happen overnight, but carefully monitoring and analyzing your site for your focused key phrases allows you to drive the google search engine to your site instead of your competitors. Go to CI Web Group and fill out the form for a free consultation with Jennifer and her team so you can build an effective HVAC marketing company website that will help you acquire new customers.

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