Thriving in the New Normal Week -6

Thriving in the New Normal | HVAC Dealer Training Series
Key Performance Indicators

Goodman’s Dealer First philosophy has never been more critical than it is right now. We are
committed to providing your business with the support and value it needs to maintain your small
business goals.
Please join us on Friday, April 24th, at 12:00 PM CST for the 6th in our 16-week series, How to
Thrive in the New Normal.


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In session six, “Key Performance Indicators,” you will learn about specific key performance
indicators for each of the seven segments of the HVAC business cycle. Our coaches will discuss
how to track them, what they mean, and what resources may help you reach your set benchmarks.

1. Goodman Business Toolbox and Amana Brand Business Academy Resources
Discover the resources contained within the Goodman Business Toolbox and the Amana Brand
Business Academy, your one-stop solution for many of your HVAC business needs. With the help
of some of the top business coaches in the industry, we have assembled industry-leading training
and resources designed to help your business thrive in any business environment.

2. Problem Identified – Fan Airflow Rules
When it comes to HVAC system performance, the single greatest driver of safety, IAQ, comfort,
and energy is fan airflow. Yet this is the most overlooked KPI in the entire HVAC industry! The rule
is: if you don’t measure, you’re just guessing. Learn how to measure fan airflow correctly and
how it impacts your business today and in the future.

High-Performance HVAC Today – Free magazine subscription

National Comfort Institute (NCI) – Free Trial Membership

3. Problem Solution – Critical Performance Measures
Just like any fine-tuned machine, your business has critical performance measures that, if not
properly maintained, can have catastrophic consequences for you and your people. We will review
the top performance measures, which will help you focus on these critical areas.

Pro Comfort Advisor

4. Compensated for Services – Jobs Financed
We all know, consumer financing is essential. The more jobs we finance the higher our closing
percentage and dollar average. How do we measure success when it comes to financing? Learn
what top contractors are doing in terms of financing and how you can benefit by tracking this key
performance indicator.

EGIA Financing Clearing House

5. Customer for Life – Customer Lifetime Value and Monthly Reoccurring Revenue
What do we consider a customer, and what determines the value of that customer to your
business? Learn how to identify a customer’s lifetime value and what reoccurring revenue can this
mean to your business.

6. Marketing Plan – Market Share
How do I calculate market share? Once I have determined my market share, what do I do with this
information? Learn why successful companies consider this their most important benchmark and
why market share should matter to you.

The Sales Lab

7. Customer Reaches Out – Digital Analytics
When it comes to digital marketing, there are so many key performance indicators to examine.
Which of these metrics matter, and how do your business processes influence them? You will learn
which metrics to watch and how to gather this information. By reviewing these metrics regularly,
you can focus on improving your position in the digital marketing space.

CI Web Group Inc.

8. Appointment Made – Call Conversion
The average HVAC contractor has a call conversion rate of less than 60%. That means for every
100 customer calls, 40 of them go elsewhere to have their problem solved. During our time
together this week, you will learn how to positively influence your call conversion and put your
people in front of more homeowners in need of home comfort.

Power Selling Pros

9. Embrace Technology
Now is the time to identify the process for every transaction within your business! Use technology
to help increase your business’s overall efficiency. What manual process does your company
utilize that could be automated? Review your current business operation methods and identify
those that can be improved with technology.

10. Thank and Encourage your People
Your staff is one of your most valuable assets. They may have concerns, need reassurances, and
want to know how they can help. They need to hear from you. Even in these unprecedented times,
find ways for employees to enjoy their workplace and take time to recognize extraordinary efforts.

Be sure to join us on Friday, April 24th , at 12:00 PM CST for the 6th in our 16-week series, How to
Thrive in the New Normal.


This event is hosted by the Goodman Business Toolbox, Amana Brand Business Academy, and
Franklin HVAC University.


Benjamin Middleton
National Sales Training Manager

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