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Beverly Ballard – Business Strategist

Who am I?  My name is Beverly Ballard. I am a mother and grandmother to the most wonderful grand baby ever by the name of Grace. She is my everything. What makes me who I am? My Father! I grew up around my Father’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning business. Speaking with our HVAC Dealers has been fun and completely natural for me so speaking with our HVAC Dealers has been fun and completely natural for me.  I am very comfortable working with small businesses or huge corporations.  I am passionate about getting companies into the right website and HVAC digital marketing program based on their needs.  I am told my online meetings are fun and very educational.

I moved to Austin, Texas from DFW in 1998.  I attended real estate school physically when there were no online opportunities.  I was really nervous taking the test as they had just converted to computer testing.  I think that was the hardest part for me as I had very little computer skills at that time.  I was excited to have passed the test with flying colors the first time, as I understand it usually takes several tries to obtain a Real Estate License in Texas.

In 2000 I started my own Direct Mail Company.  Three times a year I mailed out upscale postcard packs to affluent homeowners with incomes over $100,000.  Only one vertical was exclusively allowed in the deck, so it was the next best thing to solo mail, keeping their costs at around 2-3 cents per home including printing and postage.

I have a long background (decades) in the advertising world and one of my many accomplishments includes being the founder of my own Direct Mail Company, which I ran for over 10 years in Austin, Texas.  I moved back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to join a digital marketing company to be closer to my family.  I was calling on businesses one afternoon and walked into the office of a CI Web Group Inc. customer.  I have never heard such praise of a company and told the customer I would never try to convert a happy camper.  This took place in 2015.  Wanting to learn more… I called CI Web Group… and the rest is history!

When I’m not behind my computer or on the phone, my interests include my Family, Friends, Tennis, and Sailing.  I love the UT Longhorns football team and even go by Bevo after the longhorn mascot.  Get it?  Beverly, Bev, Bevo?  🙂

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