2020 HVAC Business Strategy Nationwide Webinar With Jennifer Bagley

End of Year Tech and Digital Marketing Updates you need to know as we transition into 2020 to Compete

When going into 2020, there will be a lot of essential points to consider: Search is going verbal. By 2020, 50% of searches will be verbal. Reviews will continue to grow in importance and influence rankings. Engagement will remain important. 

During this session, we are going to take dealers wanting to grow (make progress), from the most elementary start-up to the most advanced digital marketing changes and trends for the largest hvac marketing company wishing to continue to advance. 

If you have no website and you need the most effective option to launch your first website, don’t miss the first 20 minutes of this 1-hour webinar (preferably you stick through the entire session to see what the future holds). 

If you are already established online and consider yourself more advanced, don’t miss the entire session…. Your industry is only safe from disruption for a short period of time – VR and AR are coming. How to Launch a Powerful HVAC Website in by the New Year. 

A Quick Review of SEO 

Why content writing and optimization is the most important part of your hvac marketing strategies

Content for Links (statistics, top x, best x, etc)

Content for Traffic

How to use images and video to increase search visibility Backlink Analysis and Disavow Project

Let’s review the latest Google Algorithm Change called BERT – Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and NLP framework! And what does this mean to your SEO.

GSuite users get more AI help with calendars and more Smart Bidding on Google Ads Google Ads and Analytics Stronger together Google Optimize 360 Google Data Studio

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